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Snow Globe Ornaments Christmas Kid Craft

Snow Globe Ornaments Christmas Kid Craft

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is the opportunity to make holiday crafts! I love that that love of Christmas crafting has rubbed off on my kids as well. They love doing Christmas kid crafts! One of my favorite types of holiday kid crafts are ornaments. There is something so special about pulling out handmade ornaments each year to see those little creations made by your kids! This year, we made these darling snow globe ornaments. They are the perfect Christmas kid craft! They would be so fun to do as a craft in a classroom Christmas party too.

Snow Globe Ornament Christmas Kid Craft on

Snow Globe Ornament Supplies

To make these snow globe ornaments, you need…

Snow Globe Ornament Supplies

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Clear plastic cups

Cardstock paper

Holiday stickers

Faux snow


Hot glue gun


How to Make Snow Globe Ornaments for Kids

First, cut out a piece of paper that will fit inside the cup. A trapezoid shape works perfectly in these types of cups. 

Holiday Kid craft

Next, let the kids decorate the trapezoid shaped paper however they want. They could draw on them, but we just went simple and had holiday stickers to stick onto the paper. Make sure both sides of the paper get decorated. 

Christmas Kid Craft Idea 

Trace the top of the cup on a piece of paper and cut out the circle.

Easy Holiday Craft

Now, hot glue the bottom of the trapezoid shape to the middle of the circle paper. Hold it in place until the glue dries so that it will stay standing up.

Handmade Snow Globe Ornaments

Now, fill up the cup with faux snow. This is a favorite part for the kids to participate in. There isn’t any right answer of how much snow to put in. Just enough that it will work like a snow globe.

Kid Craft for Christmas

Put hot glue around the edge of the circle and place it on the rim of the cup. Make sure all of the edges are glued down really well, so you don’t have any snow spills!

Easy Christmas Craft

Cut a piece of string or ribbon and tie it into a knot at the ends to create a circle. Glue the circle onto the top of your snow globe.

Christmas Snow Globe Kid Craft

Homemade Kid’s Ornaments

Now you have the most adorable little snow globe ornaments that you can treasure for years to come! 

Handmade Snow Globe Ornaments

These are a perfect afternoon craft or classroom party craft for kids! 

Snow Globe Ornaments from Cups

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