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Doing kids hair doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. No kid wants to sit still for a long time while you are doing a complicated style. Girl Loves Glam has many hairstyles and tips for keeping their hair looking great without having to torture them.

Crazy hair day can be daunting when you don’t know a style that will look cool and yet one you can still do. Try the cactus crazy hair day hairstyle or the poop emoji hairstyle for crazy hair day.

Have a little one with curls? Learn how to take care of little girl curly hair video so you can watch along.

Never get bored with the same style every day with these back to school hairstyles. Or have matching hair with your little lady and try the mother daughter twist hairstyles.

There are so many styles for kids hair on Girl Loves Glam that you and your little ones will love.