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Poop Emoji Hairstyle for Crazy Hair Day

Poop Emoji Hairstyle for Crazy Hair Day

If your kids are anything like my daughter, they are probably obsessed with all things emoji! We have emoji stickers, pencils, keychains, etc. They are slowly taking over the house! That is why, when it came time to creating the perfect Crazy Hair Day hairstyle, we knew there was basically only one real option… a POOP EMOJI!

Poop Emoji Crazy Hair Day Hairstyle on

This hairstyle was a huge hit! There wasn’t anyone else in the school with the same hairstyle and she absolutely loved it. I don’t think there is more we could have asked for!

I think one of my favorite parts though, was just how easy this hairstyle was to make. We weren’t slaving away, putting hundreds of elastics or braids all over her head. This hairstyle was simple, just the way we like it!


To create your own Poop Emoji hairstyle you will need…

Poop Emoji Hair Wacky Hair Day on

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Hair donuts in two sizes -Either small and medium or medium and large, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. This set from Amazon is perfect because it comes with one of each size, so you can test out which ones work best for your hair!

Ponytail elastic

Bobby pins -The ones linked are the greatest bobby pins you will ever use! They are the only ones I will buy!


Spray bottle of water

Printed off poop emoji face (available in this post)

To create this hairstyle, follow the video instructions! That is the easiest way to really see what I am talking about. I will have written instructions below the video as well!




This hairstyle is so easy to create! Wet the hair down and create a smooth ponytail on the very top of the head.

Put the ponytail through the larger of the two hair donuts you are using.

Poop Emoji Hair Tutorial on

Lay the outer layer of the ponytail around the donut, creating a layer over all of it.

Put the ponytail through the smaller donut and clip the hair from the ponytail so it is out of the way.

Tuck the hair that is laying over the bottom layer, back into the bottom of the donut. If you want it really nice and smooth, make sure you are wetting it down and really combing it a lot as you do this step.

Poop Emoji Hair on

Tuck the top hair into the top layer and pull the pieces back out through the top to create the very tip of the poop emoji.

Pull the hair in the donuts into just the right shape and bobby pin everything into place.

Hairspray, hairspray, and more hairspray!

Pin the Poop Emoji face on the front of the hairstyle.

Poop Emoji Hair for Wacky Hair Day on


To make the Poop Emoji face, download this image and print it off on cardstock paper. Click the link below to dowload the image.

Poop Emoji Face

Cut out the face.

Place little felt rectangles through bobby pins.

Add a little hot glue to the felt and stick to the back of the Poop Emoji face pieces.

Poop Emoji Hair Crazy Hair Day Hairstyle on

Now you have yourself a Poop Emoji hairstyle! I hope you win all of your Crazy Hair Day/Wacky Hair Day contests with this hairstyle!

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Saturday 28th of January 2023


Tahsina Fayezi

Saturday 28th of January 2023


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