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Back to School Hairstyles

Back to School Hairstyles

It is that blessed time of year when moms get just as excited to send their kids to school as the kids are excited for the first week of school. The only problem is that after the first few days, mom runs out of ideas for school hairstyles and you fall into a rut! Start the school year out right with these fun back to school hairstyles that will keep hair looking great and keep you all from getting bored from all of the same hairstyles over and over again. The good news is these are pretty easy school hairstyles, too! Ain’t nobody got time for intense hairstyles that are going to take your entire morning to do. Get inspired by these hairstyles and you’ll be set for the school year!

Back to School Hairstyles Easy Ideas on

Click on the name of each hairstyle below the image to take you to the source/tutorial.

Sectioned Pigtail Buns Little Girl Hairstyle

Sectioned Pigtails

Waterfall Braid for Little Girls on

Waterfall Braid

Netted Side Braid for Little Girls

Netted Side Braid

Low Updo Little Girl Hairstyle

Low Updo Hairstyle

Minnie Mouse Little Girl Hairstyle on

Minnie Mouse Hair Buns

Braided Star Hairstyle

Star Pigtails

Twisted Braided Pigtails for Little Girls

Criss-Cross Braided Pigtails

Twist Hairstyle for Little Girl on

Twist Hairstyle

Pull Through Braid Pigtails

Pull Through Braid Pigtails

Heart Pigtails for Little Girls

Heart Pigtails

Braided Updo Little Girl Hairstyle on

Braided Updo

Dutch Braid Pigtail Buns

Dutch Braid Pigtail Buns

Criss Cross Elasti Pigtails

Criss-Cross High Pigtail Buns

Braided Flower Little Girl Hairstyle

Braided Flower

Rope Twist Buns Little girl Hairstyle

Rope Twist Buns

Twisted Braided Pigtails for Little Girls

Twisted Braided Pigtails

Cross Braid Ponytail for Little Girls

Crossed Braid Ponytail

Braided Twist Bun Little Girl Hairstyle

Braided Twist Bun

Crossed Elastic Ponytail

Crossed Elastic Ponytail

Triple Braid Side Ponytail

Triple Braid Side Ponytail

Now you are set to take on a new school year! What hairstyles do you find yourself doing the most often on your kids?