Building a Better Body with Body Boss Fitness Guide

This post is sponsored by BodyBoss, however all thoughts are my own.

This summer has totally wrecked my once healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, living in your parents’ basement with a baby and a busy 5 year old isn’t exactly a recipe for health success. I knew that my healthy lifestyle was a team effort, but I didn’t realize just how much of a team effort it was with my husband. Thankfully, we are back together again and I am getting a little more sleep and have a little more time to focus on my health. I recently was introduced to BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide. It is a 12 week fitness program that can be done easily anywhere, anytime – at home or outside!

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BodyBoss is perfect for my busy life! It is a 12-week step-by-step fitness program that is easy to follow. [Read more…]

My Health Journey: Chapter 1

Living a healthy lifestyle has never been my strong suit. I LOVE candy! Don’t get me wrong, I love fruit and I find exercise really therapeutic, I have just never felt healthy. I often times end my days feeling sluggish, bloated, and just overall… YUCKY. That is why, when I read this post from my sweet friend Courtney, I knew I needed to get with it and jump on board. I decided then and there that I would start up with Lean Moms as part of their blogger program. Lean Moms is a diet and exercise program to help moms go from soft to sculpted. I have been doing it for 4 weeks now and I am starting to see some real results! My hard work is finally beginning to pay off. I am not quite ready to show off before and after pictures, but little by little, I am getting there! So far, I have lost 2.4 lbs and lost 2.5 inches overall. I love the feeling that my muscles are sore because I know that I am working them! Here are a few of my victories that I can celebrate…

1. I started a health journey! That itself is something worth celebrating! This is me on the first day…

Lean Moms Day One

2. I am trying foods I NEVER would have tried before. I am not typically adventurous at all with food, but I committed to trying all of these foods so that I know what I actually do like! Most of the time, I do like it! If I don’t like it, I adapt it so that I like it a little more. For me, I want this journey to be something that will stick, not just a diet that fades away.

photo (1)

3. I force myself to wake up early. I am typically such a night owl! I am not a morning person, but I have been waking up in the mornings to go to the gym before life really has to start. It has been a really good thing for me.

4. I feel confident at the gym. This is 100% because of the Lean Moms program. She tells you exactly what to do and what to expect at the gym. I love being prepared and knowing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at the gym each day. While I am lifting weights with all of the meat heads, I can feel totally confident in my abilities.

5. I get some me time. The gym is a great place for a little me time. I can listen to MY music, work at MY pace, and just be. It really is therapeutic. Especially the music part. Music was such a huge part of my life before I got married, even after I got married, but slowly it started to disappear. It has been fun to gain interest in it again and rediscover some of my music.

Some of the songs/artists that I love listening to right now are Katy Perry-Roar (best song ever!), Ke$ha-Crazy Kids, Imagine Dragons, MGMT, Ghostland Observatory, and Good Charlotte. I would love to hear what you enjoy listening to while you work out!

I will be updating you as this journey continues. I am excited to start shaving off more of this pounds and hitting more of my goals!

I was given a full membership to Lean Moms. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. This health journey is mine!