YouTube Monday: Tips for Little Girl Curly Hair

If you follow me on Instagram, or even just see a few of my kid related posts, you have probably seen my daughter’s head full of curls. I get asked all of the time what my tips are to keeping her curls under control and I decided to talk about my little girl curly hair tips on my newest video!

Tips for Little Girl Curly Hair on

I hope I can help answer some of your questions and help you be able to manage those little curls at your house! Enjoy!

I chose not to show any step by step tutorials because there are so many tutorials out there already and I didn’t want this video to end up being an hour long, but if you are interested in seeing some step by step tutorials for little girl’s curly hair, let me know! I would be more than happy to do that! What kinds of styles are you interested in seeing?


  1. Ashley Calaway says:

    Oh yay, thank you! My daughter has curly hair and I’ve been trying to figure out how to fight the frizz. This helped so much!

  2. Loved this video. My 5 year old daughter has extremely curly hair and I never thought to try lotion! Also wanted to say I love the fact that you accessorize her hair! Also loved your necklace. It seems like both of you are great at accessorizing and I happen to sell amazingly priced jewelry and hair accessories. Everything is only $5! Would love for you to check out my site

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