The 3 Minute Face: A Month of Makeup

We have all probably seen at least one episode of What Not to Wear, right? I used to be totally obsessed with that show. I loved not only seeing the clothes they got, but I loved seeing the entire transformation! Well, if you have seen at least one episode, you have probably heard Carmandy (the makeup artist) refer to her infamous “5 Minute Face” that she does on almost everyone. I love the idea of the 5 minute face, but honestly, I don’t think you need a whole 5 minutes. Sometimes you don’t have a whole 5 minutes for your makeup! When you are a busy mom on the go, a student running late to class, or a career woman in need of getting to the office early, you may only have 3 minutes! Here is your solution. The 3 Minute Face.

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Yes. I said THREE minute face! This can easily be done in 3 minutes. I suggest having these few items in an easy to grab place so that when you have occasions such as these that you literally only have 3 minutes, you don’t take up any extra time digging for your makeup! Here’s what you need…





*Eyebrow Pencil


*Lipstick. Not too bright of a color. You want something you can put on quickly, without a lot of fuss, but will add some color to your face.

Three Minute Face

To achieve the 3 minute face, follow these steps..

1. Moisturize your entire face.

2. Concealer under eyes. This is really important because you won’t be wearing much makeup to otherwise distract you from dark circles.

3. Put foundation all over your face, neck, and eyelids.

4. Brush blush onto your cheekbones.

5. Pencil in eyebrows.

6. Put mascara on top and bottom lashes.

7. Lipstick. You can line your lips too, but you will add a little time to your routine by doing so.

BAM! Three minutes and you can run out the door and do the things you really need to do today! I suggest practicing this routine before you actually need to get it done in 3 minutes so that when you do, you are prepared!

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  1. why am i moisturizing my face before make up, I need some serious help in this department! also what is a good concealor recommendation?

    • It is good to moisturize before makeup because instead of your pores soaking in a bunch of makeup, it can soak up the moisturizer instead. You will break out a lot more without the moisturizer. I don’t use anything fancy for my concealer. If I am wearing mineral makeup, I just use the same mineral foundation that I use all over my face, but I apply it under my eyes with a concealer brush. If I am wearing traditional foundation, I use a concealer from Revlon. It kind of looks like a pen.


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