Shamrock Patch Pants and Shirt

One of my favorite parts about holidays is getting my daughter all dolled up for them. Even the most simple holiday can turn into something special with the right outfit! I haven’t ever been the biggest fan of St. Patrick’s Day. I have always felt like it was a little cheesy. I made it my mission to create a cute outfit that wasn’t super cheesy.

Shamrock Patch Pants and Shirt on


I have been obsessed with elbow and knee patches lately. I love them in every way! I decided to throw some shamrocks on an adorable pair of pants and create a unique tee to make the cutest darn St. Patrick’s Day shirt you have ever seen!

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Office Makeover Reveal: DIY Modern Funky Walls

I am so excited to finally show you a little something I have been working on.. My office makeover! Slowly, this little townhouse we are renting is starting to feel like my very own space. I knew that I could handle renting for a while because I have killer tools to help me make any room look personalized, aka vinyl and my Silhouette! I have been dreaming about how to decorate an office one day and I finally got to do it!

Modern Office Geometric Wall Design with Triangles and Kiss Marks on [Read more…]

Candy Corn Bunting & $100 Expressions Vinyl Giveaway!

I love decorating my house for Halloween. I don’t know what it is about Halloween that I love so much, but there is something about decorating my house for Halloween that is a little magical for me. I am not a scary Halloween decor fan, but I am not a cutesy-fartsy-craftsy-tootsie-wootsie Halloween decorator either. I like to decorate for Halloween, with the same modern/colorful/geometric loving/happy vibes I decorate with everyday. That’s why I loved the idea of a very simplistic banner going across my fireplace mantel that I now have in this new place. Oh, the possibilities!

Candy Corn Bunting on

That’s why the idea of this vinyl candy corn bunting was so attractive to me. Clean lines, simple design, and a splash of color. It literally took me 30 minutes to whip this up, so if it wasn’t already great, things just got better!

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SNAP Water Bottle Designs and GIVEAWAY!

A few weeks ago we got contacted by Expressions Vinyl to design a water bottle for them to give out to Snap Attendees at their booth.

and since we all our friends.

and we are competitive…

and all headed to SNAP Tomorrow!

We decided to have a little competition to see who’s water bottle was the favorite!!!

water bottle2

Here’s the choices:

Number 1 : Mandy from sugar bee crafts:


Number 2 : Mckenzie from Girl loves glam

unnamed (27)

Number 3: Ashley from Simply Designing

unnamed (24)

Number 4: Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun

unnamed kim's

Enter here to tell us which water bottle is your favorite and to be entered in to win the winning water bottle (AND cause Expressions Vinyl loves you) a $50 gift certificate to their store! (that’s a whole lotta vinyl!)

So, you better vote for me! If you will be at Snap, go to the Expressions Vinyl booth and choose one of these designs for yourself! The peeps at Expressions Vinyl have cut out each of these designs and have water bottles ready for you to put them on and make them beautiful. Make sure to choose mine and enter our giveaway too! Vote for me!

Water Bottle Design by Girl Loves Glam for Snap conference

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Gold Geometric Triangle Decal Wall Art

Gold Geometric Triangle Wall Art

I wanted to find the perfect way to bring some pattern into the space, without adding more pictures on my wall. I knew that vinyl would be the perfect solution to my problem. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to bring my love of geometric shapes and trendy colors together! I am now officially obsessed with my new gold geometric triangle wall art!

Here is what you need…

Gold vinyl

*Gold indoor vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

*Vinyl cutter

Cut triangles with vinyl cutter

First, I made several 3 inch triangles in the vinyl cutter software and cut them out on the gold vinyl.

Measure the wall

Then, I measured the walls I wanted to put them on and stuck the vinyl 12 inches apart.


I seriously could have just left it alone like that and not even decorated the front of it at all. I can’t get over how pretty it is.

Triangle Decal Wall

So are you ready for big before and after? Here it comes!

Before Geometric Triangle Wall Art

Gold Triangle Decal Wall Art

Now where are you going to put your geometric triangles?

DIY Printed Phone Cover Skin

I get bored with things pretty easily. That is a problem when it comes to my phone covers. Let me just say that I have had my iphone for about 6 months now and I have done 4 different things to the phone cover now. Well, I have to say, my newest one is by far my favorite!

How to make a DIY pattern phone case skin on #tutorial

I am officially obsessed with arrows. I am not ashamed to admit it. That is why when Expressions Vinyl came out with their arrow printed vinyl, I knew I had to come up with a way to use it ASAP. Now to make things even better, I get to look at it pretty much all day long. Here’s what you need to make your own…

how to make a DIY pattern phone case

Outdoor Printed Vinyl

Premium Laminate

Xacto knife


Outdoor vinyl to cut personalized saying

Vinyl cutter to cut out personalized saying

A phone with a phone cover

arrow patterned vinyl

First, you want to put your laminate over the patterned vinyl. This will help protect the pattern to keep it from rubbing off.

DIY phone skin

Lay your phone on the vinyl to measure how big of an area to cut out. Cut the vinyl around your phone with scissors.

Make your own vinyl phone cover

Take the phone out of the case and stick the phone onto the vinyl. Carefully use the knife to cut around the edges of the phone. Don’t forget to cut out the camera hole too.

How to make your own phone skin

Flip your cover around and see how it looks. Mine had a little spot where the phone cover comes apart that I cut with the Xacto knife so that I can take the cover off. You can leave the phone just as is, but I wanted to add a little something more to it too…

personalized pattern phone skin how to

I had made this vinyl to go along with my business cards and I wanted to sport it on my phone. You can design your own quote or design with your vinyl cutting software and personalize your phone too! Using vinyl on your phone cover is a great way to update it as trends change and is much less expensive than buying a new phone case!

Confetti Polka Dot Vinyl Wall Accents

I have been on a polka dot kick lately. My husband totally teases me about it too. I wear them basically all of the time and so does my daughter. I can’t help it! They are cute and totally in style right now! There were a few spots in my little girl’s room that needed an extra something. I didn’t know what that was until I saw some polka dot confetti. I was instantly inspired to add a few dots to her wall in bunches to give it that something it was missing before! Before you see pictures, I must apologize, her room has exactly ZERO natural light. Pictures are really hard to take in there, so of course it all looks tons better in person, but you get the idea…

DIY Polka Dot Confetti Wall via #decor #tutorial

You will need…

*Silhouette or Cricut

*Indoor vinyl (I used a glitter one too)

Making polka dots on Silhouette studio via #cameo #silhouette #vinyl

First, in Silhouette Studio, make several circles using the circle tool. Make them in many different sizes. Cut out these on each color of vinyl.

Gallery wall before

Find a wall that needs a little “something” and start adding dots to it! I recommend starting with a few of the bigger ones and then work around those with the smaller ones. Make it be a little random so that it looks more confetti like and less polka dot like.

Adding confetti polka dots to a gallery wall can be a perfect girly accent. Idea via #decor #polkadot #vinyl

It literally takes about 3 minutes to put these up on the wall and it adds to much to the space! I couldn’t get enough of these sweet little dots, so I had to take on another wall too.

Shelf area before

This wall is fine on its own but I felt like it needed to be glammed up a little bit with something girly and cute.

Polka dot confetti wall decor via #decor #polka #dot #vinyl

I think these confetti polka dots were just what the doctor ordered for my little girl’s room! Not only are they so easy and totally on trend right now, but they can easily be removed when we get sick of polka dots! Like that will ever happen…