Perfect Makeup Brush Set

By now, you know that I am a major makeup lover. I am writing a book about my love of makeup! Don’t forget, it comes out on September 30th!

Well, because of my love of makeup, I have tried my fair share of makeup products, especially makeup brushes! It is kind of hard to find a good, quality makeup brush that is still affordable! Believe it or not, I have paid $15 for a tiny, little makeup brush because of the quality! Usually, you get what you pay for. That ISN’T however the case with these amazing Apple of My Eye makeup brushes that I got to test out early! Insert a choir of angels singing here…

15 piece makeup brush set

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Well, normally, it is a steal of a deal at $29.99 on their site, BUT it is an even better deal today! What?!

Apple of My Eye Makeup Brushes on

Yep! It is only $16.99 on today, the website formerly known as Very Jane. Hello?! a 15 piece makeup set for only $16.99? You have to be totally crazy not to get in on this deal. Hurry! Quick! Because I have a feeling that this deal will sell out quickly. Now for a few details about why I like these brushes so much…

Apple of My Eye Makeup Brushes

They are so soft! It feels so good against your skin as you brush your makeup on. It is really important to have soft, but strong brushes when applying makeup. These are a perfect marriage of those two elements. The set also comes with basically every brush you would ever want or need in your makeup tool kit. Honestly, the only brush that I use that isn’t included in this set is my kabuki brush. This kit has enough brushes to keep me happy!


They also come in a gorgeous roll up case to keep them all safe and organized! It is easy to grab and go if you are packing for a trip or even to just throw in your bathroom drawer.

You cannot miss out on this deal!

I was given a makeup brush set to try, but as always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup BOOK COMING SOON!

Ah! The big moment has FINALLY arrived! I can’t even tell you how hard it was to keep it a secret and how excited I am to be able to share this with you! I have been working on a little something… A BOOK!

The Busy Girl's Guide to Makeup Book coming soon!

It is called The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup. It comes out September 30, 2013! One month people! It will be jam packed full of fabulous eye makeup tutorials, face contouring, my favorite makeup, makeup tips for all ages, and all of the tutorials that I have shared as part of the Month of Makeup series! This series is seriously only a very small fraction of what will be in this book! I can’t wait to show you all what I have been working my little booty off on!

Who’s excited?! Well, there is one last part of the book that I haven’t written out yet. That is a question and answer part! I need YOUR help with it! All chosen questions will be put in the book as anonymous so you don’t have to worry about asking an embarrassing question. I want to know what your makeup and beauty questions are. Do you have any rumors you want cleared up? Want to know what kind of foundation to wear on your oily skin? Anything! Ask away! I would love to fill that section full of reader questions!

Thanks so much for your support! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they can be just as excited about he book release!

Ombre Eye Tutorial: A Month of Makeup

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Can you believe that the A Month of Makeup series is coming to an end? Today is the last day! Don’t forget to check out the next post coming in about an hour with a HUGE announcement about this series too! I will be updating my tutorials page soon with all of the tutorials from this month in it too. I wanted to end the series with a bang! I came up with a REALLY fun way to do your eye shadow that I am basically obsessed with. Ombre eye shadow!

Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial on #tutorial #howto #eyeshadow

The best part about this look, is that it can be done with fun, crazy colors, or just neutrals too. To achieve this look you need…

*2-3 shades of a similar color of eye shadow

*White or cream eye shadow

*Eye shadow brushes



*Eyebrow pencil

Now to create this look! Here is how to you it…

1. Choose a color pallet

2. Put the darkest color of eye shadow on the lash line and go up to the crease if you have 2 colors you are working with. If you have 3, go only about halfway up to the crease.

3. If you are using 3 colors, take the next darkest color and go from the bottom color to the crease. Overlap over the last color just a little bit so that it blends really well.

4. If you are using 2 colors, take the next color and go from the crease up just a little bit. Overlap the darkest color just enough to make it blend. Don’t go all of the way up to the eyebrow, but go up enough that you can see the new color.

5. Take your white/cream eye shadow and overlap that top color just a little and brush it to the eyebrow.

5. Use eyeliner and line the insides of your top and bottom lids.

6. Pencil in your eyebrows.

7. Use mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

This is totally my new favorite! I would love to hear if you try this look out! Thank you so much for tuning into the A Month of Makeup series! It has been so fun!

A Month of Makeup on

Soft Classic Smokey Eye: A Month of Makeup

I love a good smokey eye. What I love most about the look of a smokey eye, is that there can be SO many variations of smokey eye makeup! Depending on how daring you want to be, you can go bold, deep, or soft! I decided to create a really soft, smokey eye that could easily be worn during the day or for night occasions too!

Soft Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial on #makeup #tutorial #eyeshadow

To achieve this look, you need…

*Charcoal eye shadow

*Medium brown eye shadow

*Light brown or gold eye shadow

*Highlight color (white or cream) eye shadow

*Eyeliner or liner brush


*Eyebrow pencil

Now for the fun part! This look is really easy to do. Just follow these steps…

1. Brush charcoal shadow along outside edge of lids, up to the crease. Do it at a slight angle.

2. Brush medium brown shadow in the center of your lids, up to the crease. Brush into the charcoal color so it blends.

3. Brush light brown or gold eye shadow in the inside corner of lids and brush into the medium brown color.

4. Use highlight color to brush on the top of your eyelid from the crease to the brow.

5. Line top lid with either the same charcoal shadow that you used, or a dark eyeliner. If you want an even more bold look, line the inside of the top and bottom lid too.

6. Put mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

7. Pencil in eyebrows.

Enjoy your new look! Be sure to catch up on all of the A Month of Makeup posts that have been published all month long!

Neutral Night Eye Makeup Tutorial: A Month of Makeup

I love creating makeup looks to wear at night. I love the drama of it! Sometimes night looks can be a little too dramatic though. If you are going out to a nice dinner with your husband or just want to look extra special for a wedding reception, you don’t want anything overly dramatic. That is when it is time for a nice, neutral night eye.

Neutral Night Eye Makeup Tutorial on #makeup #beauty #tutorial

It is such an easy look to achieve and the eyeliner makes such a big impact! It makes your eyes look bigger and adds just the right amount of drama to a nighttime look. Here is what you need to achieve this look…

*Cream colored eye shadow

*Light brown eye shadow

*Dark brown eye shadow

*Charcoal/Black eye shadow

*Black liquid eyeliner


Now for your instructions…

1. Brush cream eye shadow all over lids.

2. Brush light brown eye shadow on bottom half of top eyelid.

3. Put dark brown eye shadow on the outside corner of eyelid.

4. Using the liquid liner, line the top lash line. Go back over the top of it and brush up and out a little to make the outside edge thicker. Do this over and over again until the outside edge is pretty thick and dramatic.

5. Use a smudge brush to brush charcoal or black eye shadow into the bottom lash line.

6. Finish off with a good coat of mascara.

Now go out and have the night of your life! Be sure to check out all of the makeup posts that are part of A Month of Makeup!

A Month of Makeup on

My Favorite Makeup: A Month of Makeup

I have had a lot of questions about my favorite makeup products. Here is your lucky day!

Favorite Makeup on #makeup #beauty #best

BareMinerals Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner– This liner goes on like butta! It is a pencil, but it is also waterproof too. It is the best, ever!

┬áBareMinerals Matte Foundation– This stuff is incredible. It can cover blemishes, create all over color correction, and it stays on all day long.

Urban Decay Naked Palette– This is a perfect starting point for beginners. This has a great selection of gorgeous colors that stay on really well.

Elf Eye Shadow Brushes– These really inexpensive and I love the quality of them. They can be found at Target, Walmart, and online.

Maybelline Baby Lips– This balm makes your lips so dang soft! It comes in several different shades and I am obsessed!

CoverGirl Blast Flipstick– I am OBSESSED! This lipstick stays on so well and the Vixen color is incredible! My favorite lipstick!

Nars Lip Liner– You can put this on in the morning, eat all day, and it is still on at night! It comes in perfect colors too. I love Jungle Red.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush– I use the color, Exposed. It adds just enough color to my face, it goes on easily, and stays on.

MAC Angle Brush– This is the brush I use when I put on eye shadow as eyeliner. It is a really high quality brush.

Try these out and let me know what you think! What are your favorite makeup products? I would love to try them out!

The 3 Minute Face: A Month of Makeup

We have all probably seen at least one episode of What Not to Wear, right? I used to be totally obsessed with that show. I loved not only seeing the clothes they got, but I loved seeing the entire transformation! Well, if you have seen at least one episode, you have probably heard Carmandy (the makeup artist) refer to her infamous “5 Minute Face” that she does on almost everyone. I love the idea of the 5 minute face, but honestly, I don’t think you need a whole 5 minutes. Sometimes you don’t have a whole 5 minutes for your makeup! When you are a busy mom on the go, a student running late to class, or a career woman in need of getting to the office early, you may only have 3 minutes! Here is your solution. The 3 Minute Face.

3 Minute Face Makeup Tutorial on #tutorial #beauty #makeup

Yes. I said THREE minute face! This can easily be done in 3 minutes. I suggest having these few items in an easy to grab place so that when you have occasions such as these that you literally only have 3 minutes, you don’t take up any extra time digging for your makeup! Here’s what you need…





*Eyebrow Pencil


*Lipstick. Not too bright of a color. You want something you can put on quickly, without a lot of fuss, but will add some color to your face.

Three Minute Face

To achieve the 3 minute face, follow these steps..

1. Moisturize your entire face.

2. Concealer under eyes. This is really important because you won’t be wearing much makeup to otherwise distract you from dark circles.

3. Put foundation all over your face, neck, and eyelids.

4. Brush blush onto your cheekbones.

5. Pencil in eyebrows.

6. Put mascara on top and bottom lashes.

7. Lipstick. You can line your lips too, but you will add a little time to your routine by doing so.

BAM! Three minutes and you can run out the door and do the things you really need to do today! I suggest practicing this routine before you actually need to get it done in 3 minutes so that when you do, you are prepared!

Be sure to check out the other A Month of Makeup posts too!

Half and Half Eye Shadow: A Month of Makeup

I hope you have enjoyed following along with A Month of Makeup so far! Don’t forget to check out all of the other posts all about makeup. Today I want to introduce you to half and half eye shadow.

Half and Half Eye Shadow Tutorial on #makeup #tutorial

I love the versatility about this style. You can pick any two colors and make it work for your style! It can be soft, bold, funky, elegant, you name it! Here’s what you need to create this look..

*Light cream color shadow

*Dark color shadow

*Light color shadow

*Eyeliner or shadow to use as eyeliner with eyeliner brush

*Shadow brushes


Half and Half shadow

Now for your instructions…

1. Brush the light shadow all over lid.

2. Put the darker color you chose on the outside part of your eyelid. Put it from the edge to the center of the lid.

3. Put the light color you chose on the inside half of your lid and move it to the center.

4. Brush a little more of the light color you put all over, just on the top part of your lid so that it blends your colors in.

5. Line your top lid with a thin line.

6. Finish off with mascara.

Looking good! Try this out with any colors you want! That is the beauty of this. I actually did this style on my wedding day with different colors than I chose above. Here is another idea of colors you can choose…

Half and Half shadow wedding day

Try it out! Let me know what colors you choose!

Nude Eye Bold Lip: A Month of Makeup

There is nothing I love more than a bold lip when it comes to makeup trends. I enjoy trying out new colors to wear depending on the current trends. That is why doing a nude eye with a bold lip is always in trend! Here is today’s makeup tutorial!

Nude Eye, Bold Lip on #makeup #tutorial #beauty

To create this look you need…

*Eye shadow primer

*Light cream shadow

*Light brown shadow

*Highlight shadow

*Black eyeliner or black shadow to use as liner


*Lip Liner


First, the eyes…

Nude eye makeup tutorial on #makeup #tutorial

1.Put shadow primer all over lids.

2. Put light colored shadow all over lids.

3. Brush light brown shadow in the crease of your lids.

4. Brush highlight color just under the brows.

5. Line top lid with a thin line.

6. Put mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Be sure to fill in your brows, wear foundation, and contour face. For lips…

Bold lips makeup tutorial on #makeup #tutorial

Find the perfect color for your skin tone. I suggest going to a makeup counter or specialty makeup store to find a great shade for you. For bold colored lips, it usually looks best if you line your lips first to ensure a polished look. Fill in lips with lipstick to finish off the look. Try this one out today!

Face Contouring 101: A Month of Makeup

I’m so glad to see you are back for day two of A Month of Makeup! To see my first makeup post, you can find it here.

A Month of Makeup on

Today, I am going to teach you all about something that I think a lot of women fail to do with their makeup… Face contouring! It gets overlooked a lot because most women look at it as an added thing, not an essential thing. I will tell you this, it is essential! It instantly takes pounds off of your face, makes you look more awake, and even a little more youthful! Who doesn’t want all of that?!

Face Contouring 101

Just take a look at my photos side by side to see what a huge difference a little face contouring can make! Here’s what you need to contour your face…



*blush brush

*bronzer brush

*highlighter (optional. I don’t use it regularly)

When choosing a blush and bronzer, I recommend going to a specialty store like Sephora to have a professional help you find great colors for your face. If you are doing it on your own, remember… WE ARE NOT IN THE 80’s ANYMORE! You don’t need a bright pink blush to make your cheeks stand out. Mine is a natural pink color and I recommend a similar color for most people. As for bronzers, most of them are similar in colors. You don’t want one with too much orange in it because that could make you look too fake.

To contour your face, start with the blush. Get a decent amount of blush on your brush and brush it onto your cheekbone. Make it come out into your hairline. You want just enough to add some color to your skin. After you have applied it to both cheeks, use the remaining blush on your brush and lightly brush it on the tip of your nose. When I say lightly, I mean just one swipe. It isn’t meant to turn you into Rudolph!

Next, is the bronzer. The first thing you need to know about bronzer, is that it isn’t meant to put all over your face to turn you into a sun worshiping goddess or make you look like another ethnicity, it is meant to give you a little sun kissed glow. Apply the bronzer to your brush and lightly brush it onto your temples and follow your hairline around your forehead. Just think about where the sun usually hits you when you are out swimming all day. Next, put a tiny bit on your nose and chin. Just a little bit. This is just to even out your entire face and make it so you don’t just have a dark forehead. You can put a little bit of bronzer below your blush to help sink in your cheeks a little, but I don’t recommend trying that until you get used to wearing and applying bronzer a little more.

(Optional) Highlighter. I think highlighters are great, but I don’t use them all of the time. I sometimes feel like I am trying to look like a fairy princess when I wear highlighter. All a highlighter will do, is highlight the areas of your face you want to look brighter. I apply it just on the outsides of my eyes. I do that in teeny, tiny amounts. Play around with it and see how much, or little you like for yourself.

Now I want you to start thinking about face contouring as an essential step in doing your makeup! You will look awesome and feel great! Don’t forget to check out all of the Month of Makeup posts happening every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!