Kids Art Display Station

We have a little artist at our house. She is constantly creating pictures, books, crafts, etc. Kids all over the world are just like her! The dilemma is that children’s art is so cute, but where do you display kids art in your home? We have had different versions of kids art displays in our homes we lived in in the past but none of them seemed to be big enough for the amount of art that this little girl keeps pumping out! That’s why I took matters a little further and made this giant kids art display station that is in her bedroom! Not only is it the perfect place for her to display all of her most treasured creations, but it is a place for her to be inspired to create even more artwork!

How to Display Kids Art
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My Custom Artwork

have been looking for the perfect artwork for my house. I love colorful artwork and have been on the hunt for a graphic, colorful floral print, but haven’t ever found the right colors for my house. When I went to Build Your Blog Conference this year, I learned about a new company that I just knew I would love. They are called Modify Ink and YOU GUYS… They are amazing! It is a website that has tons of really great art that has been designed, BUT you can change up any of the colors within the design to match your decor perfectly. How perfect is that?!

Modify Ink Custom Artwork on

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Kids’ Art Organization Display

My daughter loves pictures. She loves coloring pictures and keeping every, single one of them. She likes finding photos and stuffing them in every purse she owns, and sometimes she even sleeps with them. I find myself picking up her treasured pictures everywhere I go. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand and I have to throw a few away when she isn’t looking. She just is so proud of them, that I started feeling bad for throwing them away. I wanted a place for her to be able to show off her treasures, so I made a fun little board to organize her art and be able to display them for all to see.

Kids' Art Organization Display on


This kids’ art organization display is one of the easiest projects I have ever taken on, and I already know it is going to make a serious impact on how organized her room feels. The fun thing about this is it can be totally customized for different kids and where you are going to be displaying their artwork. I was able to find this adorable wooden arrow at Michael’s and I just loved it, but if you had a certain theme in a room you wanted to stick with, you could do any shape you wanted. You could even use a scrap of wood. Here is what I used to create this display…

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Colorful Corner Gallery Wall

How to create a corner gallery wall on

Rentals can be no fun. After owning my own home and taking on projects to make it my own, it is hard to live somewhere that I can’t make any major changes to. However, I do appreciate not having to pay for the random repairs that have come up since living in our rental. I have been able to keep my decorating sanity with a hammer and nails and of course some Command Strips too, because heaven knows, I am obsessed with those things.

Our bedroom felt like it needed something funky that would make it feel like our own space. Of course there is the option of a traditional gallery wall, but why go traditional, when there is a corner just begging to turn into something more?

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Super Bowl Activity for Kids

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid and Sharpie but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RubbermaidSharpie

In my world, there are three good things about the Super Bowl.

1. The food.

2. The commercials.

3. Professional football season is finally over.

Can I get an amen?! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good football game. I just love high school and college football games. I haven’t been one for NFL games… unless it is the Super Bowl.

Just when the holidays are over and you start making resolutions, Super Bowl Sunday comes around and gives us the ultimate cheat meal. Can you tell that my Super Bowl Sunday revolves around the food?

Well, when we throw a Super Bowl party, everyone brings different snacks to munch on, thinking people will scarf it all down. The problem is that EVERYONE does this, so there is a lot of food leftover. If you are hosting a Super Bowl party? Why not buy some Rubbermaid food containers for your guests so they can take home an assortment of food that was at the party?

Awesome idea, right? Well it just got even better! What do kids do during the Super Bowl? I would say that most kids under the age of 8 aren’t going to sit down and watch an entire football game. That leaves the moms in the crowd left to keep them entertained and out of the way of the TV. I decided that this year, I am going to do something extra special! I am going to have the kids use Sharpie markers to color on the Rubbermaid containers that their family will take leftovers home in!

Super Bowl Coloring Activity for Kids on #craft #project #kid

Here is what you need for this project…

Rubbermaid Take Alongs and Sharpie Markers

*Rubbermaid food containers

*Sharpie markers

*Table cloth

Make sure to get your Rubbermaid containers and Sharpie markers at Target! They have a mobile text line that will give you coupons for both of them! Text COUPONS to TARGET (you literally write in Target where the phone number would usually go). From January 25 through February 8, Target will have a coupon for $1 off of any Rubbermaid food storage and another one that is $1 off Sharpie 4 pack or larger. That is a great deal! How awesome is it that Target will text you their coupons now? I love technology!

Super Bowl Kid Craft on

Lay out your table cloth to protect your table from the Sharpie markers and sit the kids up to the table with the Sharpies and the Rubbermaid containers. I put my daughter in a pajama shirt just to be sure that she didn’t get permanent marker on her clothes.

Super Bowl Coloring Activity

She was SO excited to be able to color with markers. I don’t usually let her color with them, so this was a total treat for her. I think the kids on Super Bowl Sunday will feel the same way! They will be able to color with permanent markers!

Super Bowl Kid Activity

I decorated a Rubbermaid container with the Sharpie markers too while my daughter enjoyed scribbling all over the container, the table cloth, and her hands.

I think this idea will be a total hit with kids on Super Bowl Sunday and it is a piece of artwork that their parents can actually use!

Hexagon Pumpkin Art

I am so excited to be sharing this fun project with you!

Hexagon Pumpkin Art on #halloween #decor #tutorial

I love to decorate for Halloween, but I don’t love most traditional Halloween decor. I enjoy putting my own, modern spin on my Halloween decor. Hexagon artwork is so popular right now, so why not turn those hexagons into pumpkins for some fun, unique Halloween artwork? To make your own, you need…

Hexagon Pumpkin Art Tutorial

Hexagon Pumpkin Supplies


*Washi tape

*Stain and stain brush

*Wax paper

*Print out of hexagon shape

*Razor blade

First, you want to stain your plywood. I used gel stain that is a lot easier to work with. I just put one coat on my plywood and let it dry.

Washi Tape Hexagon

Next, I put the wax paper on top of the paper with the hexagon shape on it. I put the tape onto the wax paper to trace the hexagon perfectly.

Hexagon Washi Tape Art

I went back with the razor blade to cut the excess washi tape off. Then I added a few pieces of washi tape to the top to create the stems for the pumpkins. I decided to have one pumpkin be totally filled in with the washi tape, and the other two would just be outlines. If you want to do the one that is easier, the outline is much easier to work with because you don’t have so many angles to work around.

Hexagon Pumpkin

I then found the spots that I wanted my pumpkins to be on the plywood. I started peeling back the wax paper, and stuck the washi tape onto the plywood as I went. I repeated these steps until all 3 of my pumpkins were stuck to the plywood.

Pumpkin Hexagon Halloween Art

I added a little washi tape banner to the top corner just to add some black to it and make it feel more like Halloween. I will probably take those off after Halloween and keep the artwork up with the rest of my Fall decor. I am SO happy with how it turned out! It is the perfect addition to my Halloween decor!

For more Halloween fun, check out these other projects!

Black Light Lemonade Halloween Wreath No Sew Owl Costume

HUGE DIY Picture Canvas for cheap!

Today, I will be showing you how I made this HUGE DIY picture canvas for cheap! Nothing warms my heart quite as much as when I can make a huge statement piece for a room using very little money.

Make a HUGE canvas for cheap from #decor #diy #tutorial #art

I love what a statement this canvas makes on our wall. It is 3’x4′ big so you can’t miss it! I am creating a gallery wall around it that will be the perfect accent for this enormous picture. My little girl loves to look up and reach for the picture too. I think that by having this photo in our main living room area is a great way to remind us of what is really important in our lives. Our FAMILY! To make your own, you need…

*4 wood slats nailed together forming a frame. OR one ugly canvas (I will explain that one later!)

*Engineer’s print of your photo (mine is 3ft by 4 ft)

*Black duct tape

So, I told you I would explain the big, ugly canvas part. Here it goes…

Turn this big ugly canvas into something amazing at #diy #tutorial

My mom works at a home decor store. Sometimes, when things are broken past repair, they either throw them away, or give them to someone that can find a new use for them. When my mom told me she had some huge, ugly canvases that I could have for FREE, I jumped on the offer! I got three of these ugly things! Not only are the flowers plastered on the canvas, but there are also flowers made of real life leaves on this thing that were falling off. So ugly! I knew that I wanted to use only the frame of this canvas for my photo canvas, so I cut the ugly canvas off. If you don’t have an ugly canvas to work with just make a canvas frame by nailing wooden slats together.

Make a big inexpensive canvas on #diy #canvas #art

I flipped the canvas on the other side and laid the picture on top of it to line it up just right. This is when I learned a lot of things NOT to do. Do NOT try to use Mod Podge on an engineer’s print. The paper is too thin and the picture will ripple. Do not try gluing the engineer’s print. It won’t stick.

Make a big photo canvas with duct tape #diy #tutorial #canvas

Here is what I DID do. I took black Duck tape and I taped the print onto the canvas! I pulled the print really tight as I taped it and I am SHOCKED at how good it looks! You can’t even tell that it is Duck tape until you walk right up to it and look at the edges. It was so easy and looks really good with the black and white picture.

Giant DIY canvas on #diy #tutorial #picture

I hung it up and now I can enjoy my inexpensive, giant piece of art!

DIY Faux Chalkboard Art

Easy Faux Chalkboard Art at #diy #tutorial #art

I love the look of chalkboard art, but I have a few problems with it. One, I have terrible handwriting and I don’t like how chalkboards look when I write on them. Two, I don’t like having chalk dust all over the place around chalkboards. And three, I don’t want the art to wipe off if someone rubs into it. I decided to make an alternative that gives a similar look. It also ended up being less expensive for me than a big chalkboard too. I made faux chalkboard art instead!

Curvy Frame DIY Faux Chalkboard Art at #diy #tutorial #art

To make your own you need…

*Picture frame (mine is from Michaels and I just painted it yellow)

*Black butcher paper

*White vinyl

*Vinyl cutter

vinyl chalkboard art on #art #chalkboard #decal

Choose a quote that you love. Using different fonts and shapes, design your quote to look like fancy chalkboard art. Cut it out on your white vinyl so that it will fit in your picture frame.

Faux chalkboard art on #art #diy #chalkboard

Stick the vinyl to your black paper. Tape the black paper to the back of your picture frame.

Easy Faux Chalkboard Art at #diy #tutorial #art

Now hang it up and enjoy!

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