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Sensory Toddler Christmas Ornament Craft

Sensory Toddler Christmas Ornament Craft

Crafting during the holidays is one of my favorite things to do to celebrate the Christmas season. I have really grown to love crafting with my 6 year old daughter, but I really wanted to find some ways that my toddler could be involved in the Christmas creating! I decided to let her make her own sensory toddler Christmas ornaments.

Sensory Toddler Christmas Ornament on

Toddlers love feeling things that have different textures and that make different sounds. They love discovering things with their senses! These sensory Christmas ornaments are a fun way for toddlers to be able to discover their senses, while making a treasured keepsake to hang on the Christmas tree!

Sensory Christmas Ornament Supplies

Toddler Sensory Christmas Craft

I wanted our ornaments to be in the colors of our Christmas decorations, so I only got items that were red, white, and gold. But you could make them any color you want. I just loved the idea of my toddler making a pretty ornament that actually looks like it goes with the rest of our decor!

Craft Christmas ornament that can be taken apart. You can find these at Hobby Lobby year round.

-Pom poms in various sizes, in the colors you want the ornaments to be.

-Sequins in any color you want.

-Jingle bells

Toddler Christmas Ornament Craft

Toddler Sensory Christmas Activity

You can put each of the sensory craft supplies in a different bowl, a divided plate, or you can just lay the supplies out in front of your toddler.

Toddler Sensory Christmas Ornament

It is really fun to watch them discover each of the supplies that you have. They like to shake the bells, rub the pom poms, and look at how shiny the sequins is.

Sensory Toddler Ornament

Let your toddler stuff the ornaments with whatever supplies they want! It is fun to see how each ornament is unique to the items that were catching their eye at the time.

Toddler Christmas Ornament

Once both halves of the Christmas ornament has been filled, pop the two sides together to see the finished product! You can shake the ornaments around a little to let them mix up a bit, too.

Handmade Toddler Christmas Ornament

Tie some string to the Christmas ornament and hang it up! I just really love how these ornaments turned out! They are a fun way to see your toddler’s creativity and to let them discover new things.

Toddler Christmas Sensory Ornaments

For even more fun toddler ornaments, check out this adorable Christmas tree ornament and this Christmas light fingerprint ornament. What kind of Christmas crafts do you like to do with your kids?