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My American Dream

My American Dream

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Something really beautiful about living the “American Dream” is the fact that everyone’s version of the American Dream is different. I would highly doubt that when our ancestors thought about the American Dream, the thoughts of staying at home and working while mothering children came to mind.

That is exactly what my American Dream is.

American Dreamer

About a year ago, I was scrolling through my Timehop app one day and I came across a Facebook status that really hit me to my core. I had written it in 2009, just after I had started my very first Etsy shop and was selling headbands at farmer’s markets. I publicly made goals for myself that I shared with my friends on Facebook. I said that I wanted to save up my money to buy a nice camera, take a photography class, take a graphic design class, and be able to work from home and be a crafty mom.

Working from Home as a Mom

I had no idea that when I publicly made those goals that they would actually (mostly) came true. I did go on to purchase a nice camera, I did take a photography class, and I did find a way to work from home so that I could raise a family while helping with the finances. My American Dream was happening. Although I didn’t ever end up taking a graphic design class, it isn’t too late to do that. My American Dream changed a little. I have no desire to be a crafting mom who sells on Etsy. I tried that and it wasn’t for me. But that is the great thing about personal American Dreams. They are unique and change over time.

American Dreamer tee

I love learning about other people’s own dreams. It is truly inspiring to watch as people I know start their own businesses, have a family, travel, try new things, and live their own versions of the American Dream.

One person that I have always enjoyed watching live her American Dream is Courtney from Cents of Style. I still remember the first time I heard about Cents of Style. I was living in my mother in law’s basement in Salt Lake City the summer of 2010 while Dave was student teaching. It was honestly one of the hardest periods of time in our marriage. We both worked like crazy, Dave was constantly sick, and living in a basement is never ideal. But during that time, I was able to be inspired by bloggers who would show up on local Utah TV shows and would eventually inspire me to take blogging much more seriously. I am grateful for that dark time in my life. One of the people I saw on TV was Courtney! She was sharing a few items from her little shop. I loved them and loved what she was doing with her business. I watched her from afar for a few years and had the pleasure to meet her in person in about 2013. She had grown her business SO much in those three years. There in front of me, I saw this tiny human with major hustle, determination, and skills. She has been a hero to me ever since.


I encourage you to find people around you who are living their own American Dreams. Instead of looking at them and feeling jealousy, watch them and be inspired to live your dreams too.

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