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Living Room Makeover: Paint

Living Room Makeover: Paint

From the day we moved into our house, I have hated my living room. I love the big windows in it, but the dark brown color that it was painted made the room feel very dark. When we moved in, we didn’t get any new furniture or anything either. I felt like our living room looked like someone else lived there. I didn’t like any of my furniture, the colors of the decor, or the overall feel that it brought to my house. I decided that after 3 years of living with it, it was time to make a change! I have slowly started making a few changes, but for the most part it looks pretty similar to the day we moved in. Here are a few before pictures of the room.

Living Room Before Makeover

Living Room Before

It basically looks like any other house you are going to walk into in this area. Not my style.

I will be doing a few posts about the transformation that is taking place in this room and I am so excited to show you what I have been up to! The posts will be spread out throughout the next few weeks because I am waiting on a few pieces of furniture (you guys are going to die when you see them!) to get here in order for the whole room to be finished. I also can’t seem to find curtains that I am in love with yet, so I will be on the hunt for those for a little while longer!

The first part that you DO get to see though, is PAINT! Paint is totally what makes or breaks a room. I can’t even begin to express to you my love for paint and the power that it possesses. I chose to paint my living room the color, Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice. I go way back with that color. I am obsessed with it. I painted my enclosed porch Crushed Ice a few years ago and have been completely obsessed ever since. It is literally the perfect combination of white and gray. It looks gray against the white trim, but is light enough that it will look white in other lighting. It is perfection. I am so obsessed with it that I made my mom paint her bathroom with Crushed Ice, my brother painted his room in Crushed Ice, and one of my best friends just painted several rooms in her house Crushed Ice. I bleed Crushed Ice! That is why it was a perfect marriage in paint heaven when I was given the opportunity to team up with Sherwin Williams for this living room makeover. They provided the Emerald paint for my living room makeover and I couldn’t be anymore in love with their company than I am now. As if I wasn’t already obsessed with them!

Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint

With the help of my friend Sadie, I was able to knock out this room in no time. The Emerald line from Sherwin Williams is amazing because it doesn’t take several coats of paint like other brands will. I was a little worried about covering such a dark color up with this light color and the Emerald took that dark paint out like a champ! I was able to get the whole room painted with two coats. I think I could have done just one coat if it wasn’t for my highly textured walls.

Now, the part you have been waiting for. The big reveal of the paint color!

Drum roll please……………………….

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice Color

BAM! Can you even believe how much brighter the room looks already? I haven’t even started putting up my cute new decor yet and it already looks like an entirely new room!

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice Gray White color

I love the contrast of the gray against my white trim. I said it once (maybe twice already) and I will say it again. I am obsessed with Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice. You NEED it in your life.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice Paint Color Before and After

Here is a better idea of what the difference was before and after. I left that little hallway unpainted for now so I could really see the difference. Don’t worry, I will be painting it too very soon! I have a lot more Crushed Ice in my future.

I can’t wait to show you the other goodness that is coming together for this room! It feels so good to finally feel like my house is starting to represent who I am.

Do you have a favorite paint color?


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

Do you have pictures of the color when the room is darker and more decorated? I painted my house in this color and it puts off a pinkish shade and feels much darker in a south facing room than how it turned out for you. Looks gorgeous btw!


Monday 10th of July 2023

My new house is painted entirely with this color. I have lots of pictures of it on my Instagram, if you want to see it from different times and angles!


Monday 28th of February 2022

Hi! What color white trim did you choose to pair Crushed Ice with?


Thursday 8th of October 2020

LRV of Crushed Ice is 66, but on your walls it looks like that of 75. Have you lightened it?


Monday 12th of October 2020

This is just Crushed Ice! I didn't lighten it at all. I actually have it in my new home as well and it is the same!

Lasara Jarvis

Sunday 27th of August 2017

Hi, I'm in the process of choosing a paint color and am looking at the emerald line from Sherwin Williams. Can you tell me what finish you did your crushed iced walls in?

thanks so much! Lasara


Tuesday 29th of August 2017

I went with egg shell.

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