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Five Minute Hair: Headband Twists

Five Minute Hair: Headband Twists

Let’s face it, we are all busy. Most of us don’t have time to focus on our hair as long as we wish we could. It is important to have some great hairstyles that you can go to easily on the days that you are in a major hurry. This crossed over headband twist hairstyle is one of my favorites for those busy days.

Five Minute Hair Crossed Over Headband Twists on

This hairstyle looks even better on hair that has more dimension in it. I don’t really have highlights in my hair right now so it is a little harder to see, but on hair with highlights, or lighter hair in general, this hairstyle looks really awesome. Sometimes the twists are a little harder to see in darker hair, so sorry if you can’t see them as well!

Five minute hairstyle tutorial on

First, start with your hair dry and curled if that is how you typically wear it. I don’t ever go out of my way to curl my hair for this hairstyle, since it is one that I wear on days that I am in a hurry. I wear this on days that I have curled my hair that week and my curls are starting to loosen up and lay flatter.

Take a long section that goes right behind your ear, going up your head until the top of your head.

Easy Twist Hairstyle on

Separate the section you made into smaller sections and twist the section closest to your year. Start adding the next part of your section and keep adding until you get to the top of your head.

Twisted Hairstyle on

Bobby pin the twist onto the other side of your head, right by your ear.

Twisted Braid Headband Tutorial on

On the opposite side of your head, take a section of hair and repeat the steps you just did. When you are pulling the twist over the top of your head, overlap it with the previous twist you made and bobby pin it to the other side.

Twisted headband hairstyle on

Now you have a gorgeous, easy hairstyle that will get you out the door in no time!

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Monday 21st of December 2015

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Saturday 9th of May 2015

This is so cute!!! I want to try it! And what is the lipstick color you are wearing??


Friday 24th of April 2015

This has my name written all over it... quick and easy! Love it! Visiting from Link party Palooza :)