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Easy Bright Confetti Pumpkins Halloween Decor

Easy Bright Confetti Pumpkins Halloween Decor

I have realized as I decorate for holidays that I really like non traditional holiday decor. If there are Halloween decorations in a store that are made with colors besides just orange and black, I always find myself gravitated to them. I love the different perspective that non traditional colors can bring to a holiday. This year is the first year that I have had the opportunity to decorate for Halloween in our current home because we moved almost exactly a year ago and the last thing I was about to do was decorate for Halloween when I was just trying to get my life out of boxes. It has been really fun to decorate this year and to take out old decor that I forgot that I even owned! One spot in my house that I knew I wouldn’t have decor for was my coffee table. We have a tray that goes on there that usually has succulents in it but I wanted something a little more festive for Halloween. I knew that I didn’t want it to be totally traditional because my living room is such a bright and cheery space.

The perfect solution was to make these adorable confetti pumpkins!

Bright Confetti Pumpkins on

I love how much color these pumpkins bring to my Halloween decor but I think the best part about these is the fact that they are INSANELY easy to make! They are so easy to make, my four year old helped me with most of it!

Here is what you will need…

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-Artificial pumpkins

-Paint (All of mine is from Deco Art. They just had great colors but you could use any color you want, obviously)

Vinyl. Outdoor vinyl is best for this project. I also used some of the Glitter Vinyl and love the contrast that added! This is a great scrap busting project if you are a vinyl hoarder like myself and have vinyl laying around that you have no plans for!

-Either different sizes of round hole punches or a Silhouette electronic cutting machine

Easy Pumpkin Craft on

First, I got the pumpkins that I wanted to paint and matched up the paint I wanted for each pumpkin. That sounds like an easy task, but I really wanted to put thought into it to make sure that I had the right amount of certain colors in my space.

Bright Painted Pumpkins on

I painted all of my pumpkins, with the help of my four year old, and let them dry. Each pumpkin had between 2-4 layers of paint, depending on how dark the pumpkin was originally and how light the paint was. I painted all of the stems black so that they would all look like they went together and wouldn’t feel SO mismatched.

Confetti Silhouette Studio on

Then I opened up my Silhouette Studio program to make the polka dots. I knew I wanted a few different sizes, so I went and made the first circle using the circle shape tool. As a tip, if you want your circle to stay perfectly round, push the shift key while you are making your circle and it won’t lose its perfect circular shape. I made one circle the size I wanted it and duplicated it several times to fit the width of my mat. Then I grouped all of those together and duplicated that to create the second row. I then grouped all of those circles together and duplicated it again. With that group, I make them smaller and duplicated it. I then made an even smaller group of circles. It looks like a lot of work when you just see the image on the Silhouette Studio but it is actually really fast and easy to do when you just duplicate shapes like that.

Cutting Multiple Colors of Vinyl at Once on

I wasn’t exactly sure what colors I was going to use on my pumpkins, so I just took my scrap vinyl and cut out a bunch of colors just in case I wanted to use them. I put the vinyl in small sections on my mat and cut the colors all together so I wouldn’t be cutting vinyl all day long with one color at a time. Of course there were circles that got cut in half because the shape went on more than one piece of vinyl but it was totally fine because I had way more than enough polka dots to create the look I was going for.

If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you could also use a hole punch in a few different sized circles if you wanted to. You would definitely want to find a good show on Netflix to keep you company while you did that because I would imagine it would be a little time consuming. But this is a project that is TOTALLY doable without a vinyl cutter.

Polka Dot Confetti Pumpkins on

Now for the fun part, decorating! Put the polka dots on the pumpkins. Just go with your gut on how you like it! I put some of the polka dots coming from the top and on one pumpkin they are all coming from the bottom. Just do your thing! I really liked the look of mixing the glitter vinyl with the regular vinyl on there. I love that added dimension it created!

Confetti Bright Halloween Pumpkins on

I just love how these all turned out together. I ended up not adding polka dots on all of them because I wanted the ones with polka dots to really stand out. I think they add just the right amount of fun to our living room Halloween decor!

Confetti Halloween Pumpkins on

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?



Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Oooo, these are really pretty! I love the pink one. Definitely have to do this with my little one! :)

Nicole |