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How to Cut Your Own Split Ends

How to Cut Your Own Split Ends

When I was in a salon full time, my clients would ask me how they could extend the wear of their haircut. I would give them shampoo, conditioner, and hair product recommendations, but the trick that they seemed to be most excited about was when I would teach how to cut your own split ends.

Cutting your own split ends isn’t as scary as it sounds. You aren’t changing your haircut in any way and you aren’t even taking length off of your hair. You are simply cutting the split ends off of your hair, in order to keep your hair healthy and let you go a few extra weeks between haircuts. Let’s face it, most people drag the weeks between haircuts anyway, so why not have the tools you need to keep your hair healthy between them rather than getting to the cosmetologist with hair that is totally destroyed from split ends.

How to Cut Your Split Ends At Home

How to Cut Your Own Split Ends at Home

By cutting your own split ends, you can go a little longer in between haircuts or just make sure that your hair is in tip top shape all of the time. Cutting my own split ends is really my biggest secret to having healthy, beautiful hair! And guess what? It isn’t hard to do at all! In fact, it is easy enough that any of you can do it! All you need is a comb and a pair of scissors.

Cut Your Own Split Ends

If you are really wanting to have the best results and plan to do this several times, I recommend getting some hair shears. I don’t expect you to spend hundreds of dollars on your shears, like I did. I found this great pair of shears on Amazon for under $20, with great reviews! This other pair of hair cutting shears has awesome reviews as well and is even a little cheaper! 

First, I will show you the step by step video. After the video, I will have the instructions written out too so you can see them or print them off.


Cut Your Own Split Ends Video


Do you have the courage to try this on your own now? It really isn’t hard!

Now for the written portion of the tutorial. Here is how I cut my own split ends.

How to cut split ends

1. Take a section of your hair.

2. Lace your fingers through your hair. Pointer finger on the top, middle finger on bottom, and ring finger on top.

Cutting Dead Ends

3. Slowly slide your fingers down the hair and cut the split ends that pop out.


Cut Your Own Split Ends At Home

4. Cut the split ends that pop out as you slide down your hair.

5. When you get to the bottom, point cut the ends of your hair by cutting with just the tips of your scissors. Watch your fingers! Do this slowly so that you don’t cut length off of your hair (or your fingers!)

Trim Your Hair At Home

6. Continue these steps until  you have gone throughout your entire head.

Haircut at home

Now you have the same haircut that you loved before, only it is without all of those nasty split ends! Let me know how it works for you! This is a huge lifesaver for me.

How To Cut Your Own Split Ends

Tips for Cutting Your Own Split Ends

  1. Don’t be afraid to try! Your ends will continue to split if you never address the problem. Just try this technique!
  2. Move slowly. This doesn’t take very long, but you shouldn’t try to rush it. When hair cutting is rushed, mistakes are made.
  3. Practice makes perfect. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! What I mean is that if you finish and you feel like their are still split ends that you missed, do it again. You are going to most likely be a little shy about cutting the split ends at first. You will probably need to go through your head more than once the first few times.
  4. Don’t ever let this technique replace a good haircut. You have got to get your hair cut. Go to a salon and let a professional cut your hair. This is only a technique to extend the life of that haircut.
  5. If your hair gets tangled easily, try putting a serum on your hair before cutting. Don’t put a lot on, or else it will keep the split ends from popping up for you to cut.

Makes sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and if you want another great hair cutting tutorial, check out my post on how to cut your own side swoop bangs HERE!


Saturday 20th of June 2020

GIRL TYSM!!! I just trimmed my hair using these instructions and it's still the same length but looks so much healthier. I never go to salons because I'm scared they'll cut off 3 inches of my slow growing hair and also because there are like no black hair salons in Calgary so this was a lifesaver.


Sunday 27th of October 2019

I bought Maple Holistics and it helped with split ends.

Tracy Blake

Sunday 17th of February 2019

Cut split ends tutorials are the best! Thanks for sharing your looks!

Claudine Hellmuth

Sunday 3rd of February 2019

This is wonderful! I am going to try it! Any tips on doing the back? Or better to get someone to help with that part?


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

Just pull your hair to the front and you should be able to get the back pieces. If your hair isn't long enough to do that, you can have someone else help!

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