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I have tried a lot of beauty products. A lot. I love testing out new products and sharing my Makeup Reviews on my site. Sometimes I really love a product and want to share it with you all. And sometimes it is a total fail and I want you to know that too!

Trying to decide if you want to buy a palette with tons of colors? Find out what I think of eye shadow palettes in “Are eyeshadow palettes worth it? Eyeshadow palette 101 video”. Find out what I thought of the “Foreo Luna and Luna mini review” to see if I thought it was a hit or miss.

It isn’t all makeup reviews though. Let me show you what I thought of “Pop Sonic beauty tools”. Or get tips for “how to treat yourself from home”.

Find out what I think of popular brands of dry shampoo and face wipes in my “battle of the brands” posts. Are your favorite products one of the top contenders?

Take a peek inside my makeup bag and see what products are my ride or die products that I use every single day. I can’t wait to have you come along!