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Being a Mother

Being a Mother

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Being a mother has completely changed how I think and feel about everything. I feel like saying that is even an understatement! I know it is probably the cheesiest thing to say, but I literally had no idea how much love my body was capable of until I became a mom. I never knew that someone who can make me so frustrated sometimes could also make me feel so much love in my heart too.

Ricola Mother's Day #SwissHerbs

I had a really great example of motherhood growing up in my own mom. She was always willing to sacrifice her own time to support me and my siblings. She always spent time with us and I have a lot of happy memories of my childhood because of that. I hope that by my choice of staying home and working from home, it will give me the time to be with my own child, and future children, to really make that same impact on their lives. 

When we moved last summer, we left a lot of special memories with our old house. One of the special things we left behind was our garden and flowers that my daughter and I would water everyday. Because we are renting now, we can’t dig up grass in order to plant a garden like we did last time. I did a little brainstorming and decided to get a few large pots and some smaller pots to plant flowers, small vegetables, and herbs to put along the walkway to our house. The bright colors have already made such a big difference in the appearance of our home. It was such a fun little project to put together with my daughter and I know it will be a special experience with her all summer as we watch our plants grow and develop.

Ricola Drops with Flowers #SwissHerbs

For me, the most important part about being a mom is to make sure that my child feels good. I don’t just mean physically healthy. I think it is important to make children feel good about themselves, feel good about what they are learning, feel confident, special, and also healthy. Moms have the power to make us feel good, just like Ricola® Revitalizing Herb Drops do! These drops are totally a medicine cabinet staple for me. I keep them in my purse too! Being a mom is demanding and having the power to restore a little energy and kick out any yucky feelings starting to creep up on me is essential! That is exactly what these Revitalizing Herb Drops do for me.

Ricola Herb Drops #SwissHerbs


So, how are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? How do you make sure you are on your A game as a mom?

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