Arrow Print Picture Frame with Handmade Charlotte Stencils

Handmade Charlotte stencils

Arrow Stenciled Picture frame from Handmade Charlotte stencils via #handmade #charlotte #plaidstenciling

I have a special spot in my heart for arrows right now. I don’t know what happened, they just “shot” right into my heart. Ok, ok, I will cut it with the cheesy jokes. But seriously, I love arrows. That is why I was more than just a little excited when I saw the crazy cute arrow stencils in the new Handmade Charlotte stencil pack from Plaid. It was SO very easy to make too! To make one of your own you need…

Plaid Crafts Handmade Charlotte Stencils

*Handmade Charlotte Stencils

*Picture frame (mine is from Poppyseed Projects)

*Acrylic paint (mine is FolkArt)

*Stencil brushes

*Sponge brushes

Handmade Charlotte Plaid Arrow Stenciled Picture Frame

Paint your picture frame the base color that you want it to be. Then put the stencil where you want your arrow to be on your picture frame.

Handmade Charlotte Arrow Stencil How to

Dip your stencil brush in the other color of paint and tap it off a little so that it is covered in paint, but not saturated in paint. Lightly tap the paint on the stencil.

DIY Arrow Stenciled Picture frame on #tutorial #diy #stencil

Let the stencil dry a little bit and randomly stencil more arrows onto the picture frame. I like switching up the direction that the arrow is facing too.

Handmade Charlotte Arrow Stenciled Picture frame on #diy #tutorial

Continue stenciling arrows until you feel like you have enough arrows for the look that you are going for.

Arrow print stenciled picture frame on #easy #tutorial #diy #stencil

Let the paint dry. Put your favorite photo or printable in the picture frame and enjoy! I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out! Any guesses where this baby (literally, that is my baby) is going up? Let me give you a hint. I am switching around some decor and making something that rhymes with mallory call! Yep, you guessed it! I am making a gallery wall you had better be excited about!

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  1. Love this!!! So cute!

  2. this is soooo cute 🙂 love the turquoise too.

  3. What a great idea. Can you by the stencils at your local craft store or just online?

  4. LOVE the bold turquoise and how simple this is. It’s awesome!


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