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Tissue Paper Suncatcher Dress Up Craft

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Dress Up Craft

We have been looking for lots of new ways to entertain our kids at home this summer. There has been a lot of kid crafting happening! One of the most popular kid crafts that we have done so far ar these darling tissue paper suncatcher dress ups.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Dress Up Craft

They were a lot of fun to have my kids make and they have continued to enjoy looking at them and even adding more elements to their tissue paper clothes! The best part of this craft is that it is made of things that you probably already have at home. No special trip to the store necessary!

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Supplies

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Dress Craft

-Tissue Paper


-Clear tape

-Printed photos of your child’s face. These can just be printed on regular paper at your house. We also love this photo paper with a sticky back that is wall safe! 

-Paper in the child’s skin tone, or plain paper that you can color to be the correct skin tone.

How to Make Suncatcher Paper Dolls

First, cut out the faces from the photos and cut out the arms and legs from the paper.

Homemade Paper Doll Craft

Next, cut up a variety of tissue paper colors into small squares. Ours weren’t uniform but they were around 1 inch by 1 inch.

Tissue Paper Kid Craft

Tape the child’s face onto a window, then let them tape their tissue paper onto where their body would be. They can come up with any type of clothing design they want!

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Paper Doll

You can place the arms and legs on your doll as your child works on the outfit, or you can do the entire outfit and then add the arms and legs to their bodies.

Tissue Paper Dolls

After your child is done creating their tissue paper doll, they have a fun work of art to display in their room! The best part is that the sun can shine through the tissue paper and make the colors shine down into their room. It is so fun! They can add more tissue paper later to change their paper doll’s outfit too! 

Tissue Paper Kid Craft

I hope your kids enjoy making their very own custom suncatcher paper dolls too! If you are looking for more ideas to keep your kids entertained at home, don’t forget about these fun activities too!

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