Five Senses Friday: Episode 12

Say WHAT?! Five Senses Friday Episode 12! We did! We did it for real you guys. We know you have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this episode. Your wait is finally over!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

It is a new year! You get a new us too! We got a nicer camera so we will have higher quality videos and after we attend ALT Conference and learn from the very best, our videos could even go from good to great! For now, you just get us in all of our awkward glory…

Without any further ado, Five Senses Friday: Episode 12!

We just need to take a minute to seriously thank all of you who have valiantly watched Five Senses Friday and are faithful readers of our blogs. You really are making our dreams come true. Here we go on the cheesefest again! It is the truth and it needs to be said. We love you and are so grateful for each and every one of you. Stay tuned for episode 13! It may come in 2 weeks, or maybe 6 weeks (ha!) but it will come!

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Any Five Senses requests for us? What are YOU sensing this week?

Five Senses Friday: Episode 10

It is that time again! Time for Five Senses Friday!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

I know, I know. We missed out last week. It happens okay! Please forgive us and enjoy this week’s episode. If you like to hear two girls talk about poop, exercise, and our love of Katy Perry, you are in luck! Wait, that is pretty much every episode of Five Senses Friday… Well, in that case… without anymore introduction, here is Five Senses Friday Episode 10!

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Five Senses Friday Episode 9

We’re baaaAAAAck! Please tell me you missed us. Help boost our egos a little. Sometimes life gets in the way and that is exactly what happened to what should have been episode 9 two weeks ago. Please forgive us! Well, hopefully we made up for it this week!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

We had an extra special guest in episode 9 too! Be excited for this episode because it is coming to you…………………….NOW!

No outfit pictures were taken this week because we are total slackers… Let’s be honest.

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Five Senses Friday Episode 7

You know what day it is! F-R-I-D-A-Y! It isn’t just ANY other Friday though…


Can you even believe we are already on Episode 7? Didn’t we just start this thing?!

Well, starting this week, you are in for a treat! We have started adding something new to all of our Five Senses Friday posts… What we wore! This is kind of a fun, unique way to show off our style each week because you don’t always get to see our entire getup in our videos. So be sure to scroll down after you watch the newest episode to see all of the details about our outfits.

Now, who’s ready for episode 7? Starting in 3…..2……1…………

Now for outfit details! First up, Sadie.

What Sadie Wore Episode 7

Headwrap: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Apple of My Eye | Shirt: H&M | Pants and Shoes: Nordstrom | Other Jewelry: Jewelry Wholesaler

Next up, McKenzie.

What McKenzie Wore Episode 7

Earrings: Jewelry Trunk Show | Necklace: Apple of My Eye | Shirt: Forever 21 | Vest and Jeans: Kohl’s | Shoes: Target

As a little added bonus, there is a special discount code for Kohl’s right now too! Use coupon code BTSMOMTEN to get  10% off your entire Kohl’s purchase!

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Have a GREAT weekend! You may be seeing us again next week as a little added bonus!

Five Senses Friday: Episode 6 Our First GUEST!

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday!…. Admit it. That song is NOW stuck in your head, right? Well, because it is Friday, that means it is FIVE SENSES Friday!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

This is a very special episode. Not because we act as “special” as we did in the last episode, but because we have our very first guest on the show! Exciting, right? Well to give you a little introduction to our guest, you probably already know her because she is just amazing and cool and talented and funny and everything else good in the world. It is…


KIMBO WEST of A Girl and A Glue Gun

If you don’t already follow her, DO IT! Like, NOW.

Now for this very special episode of Five Senses Friday! One or more of us may act like we are on drugs, but only one of us is, I promise!

So… what did you think? Are you sensing anything in particular this week?

Five Senses Friday Episode TWO

Can you believe that it has been 2 weeks since the very first Five Senses Friday episode?! We can’t even tell you how excited we still are about this whole project! It has already been a great experience for both of us and it is the perfect excuse to hang out and talk about things that we really love. We hope that we can inspire you to take a moment each week to really think about what is teasing your senses that week. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not so good. By taking a moment to think about those senses, you really start to learn more about yourself and your life!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

 Who’s ready to watch Episode 2?

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Five Senses Friday: NEW video series!

I’ve got a big announcement to make! Are you ready? Cause this is about to blow your mind. I am teaming up to bring you a new, amazingly awesome video series called Five Senses Friday!


About every 2 weeks, there will be a video all about what we are sensing that week. They will be things that may be trending right now, or even things that are just attracting our senses at the time. So who will be on these videos?


Girl Loves Glam with text

McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam


Sadie from Simply Sadie Jane

We are so excited to start this journey together! Now, who’s ready for Five Senses Friday: Episode 1?!

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What are YOU sensing this week?