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Five Senses Friday: NEW video series!

Five Senses Friday: NEW video series!

I’ve got a big announcement to make! Are you ready? Cause this is about to blow your mind. I am teaming up to bring you a new, amazingly awesome video series called Five Senses Friday!


About every 2 weeks, there will be a video all about what we are sensing that week. They will be things that may be trending right now, or even things that are just attracting our senses at the time. So who will be on these videos?


Girl Loves Glam with text

McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam


Sadie from Simply Sadie Jane

We are so excited to start this journey together! Now, who’s ready for Five Senses Friday: Episode 1?!

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What are YOU sensing this week?


Friday 7th of June 2013

Haha, I knew I would love it as soon as I heard you laugh and say "I can blog about whatever the heck I want!!" Haha, I love you!


Friday 7th of June 2013

LOVED your video. Can't wait until the next one!!!