Perfect Portable Toy

We played with the Playskool Roll ‘N Gears Car as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PLAYSKOOLCREW

We just moved into our new place on Friday and are living among what feels like millions of boxes. We have found the essentials, but seem to be digging around to find many other things in our boxes. I am so grateful for the few portable toys that have been available to my daughter while we unpack the rest of her toys and the rest of our lives in the boxes all over the house.

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Keeping Kids Entertained While Moving

We played with the Pop Up Shape Sorter by Playskool as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #PLAYSKOOLCREW

Moving is no joke. We ate chicken nuggets, yogurt, and cereal for dinner last night because we have packed just about everything else in our house. I have kept Harper’s room and toys as my last items to pack, but the inevitable has finally come and her toys need to be packed. I have stressed about how to keep her entertained now that all of her toys will be gone for a little while. I didn’t want her attached to electronics for the remaining days, but I didn’t want to keep too many bulky toys out to try to stuff in later.

I let her choose a few small toys that can fit in her backpack that she could keep to play with over the next few days. That was perfect because she was able to see exactly what was going to be packed and what she still had to play with and keep her entertained. I had doubts about it keeping her entertained, but it has actually been really refreshing to see her so entertained without having to bring out every toy we own all at the same time! I also kept a small package of crayons and a coloring book out so that she could still color and be creative that way. She chose a few of her favorite books that could fit in her backpack that are used for bedtime stories and books to keep her attention.

One thing that has been a huge lifesaver is having toys that are more compact, but are still very entertaining! One that she has really enjoyed playing with is her Playskool Pop Up Shape Sorter.

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Awesome Portable Toys!

We played with these Playskool toys as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. All thoughts an opinions are 100% my own. #PLAYSKOOLCREW

Every mom faces the same challenge when it comes to the toys that their children play with. The ability to store those toys and transport them when you need a toy on the go. We have been on the road a lot this summer and it is always a difficult decision for us to find toys to bring in the car. It can cause a whole lot of drama! Thankfully, we have recently discovered two awesome toys that are fun for babies and young children to play with and they are easy to store or take with you when you are on the go!

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The first one I am going to tell you about is this awesome Playskool Fold n’ Go Busy Elephant.

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Toy Emporium: Colors and Numbers Toddler Game

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Colors and Numbers Toddler Game on

It is really inspiring to watch my daughter’s interest in learning grow each and everyday. I am constantly blown away with what information she retains and how much she knows as a two year old. It is really fun to help her learn new things, but sometimes I get caught in a funk and have a hard time coming up with new activities that she can do that would be educational too. Often times, I will look online for new activities, but most of them down’t keep her attention for too long. Thankfully I discovered [Read more…]

ABC 123 Learning Center

My daughter absolutely loves Sesame Street. She especially loves it when they talk about letters and numbers. She tries really hard to say the letters or numbers that she can remember, but she doesn’t know what each of them look like just yet. She enjoys pretending to read whenever she sees letters, but her 2 year old brain just hasn’t caught on as far as matching the names of letters with the actual letters themselves. I knew I wanted to make some sort of ABC 123 station for her so that she could start to see the numbers and letters in their order. What a better way to do that than with vinyl?

There really isn’t much of a tutorial involved with this, but I wanted to be sure to share this because I think it is a really easy way to create a fun learning space in your home!

ABC 123 Learning Center

For this, you need…

*Indoor vinyl in 2 different colors

*Vinyl cutter

*Transfer tape

Go onto your vinyl cutting software and type all of the letters of the alphabet and cut them out.

Then, go on and type the numbers 1-10 and cut them out on the second color of vinyl.

Weed out excess vinyl and apply transfer tape to the vinyl. Peel off and apply to the surface that you will be using for your ABC 123 station. I used the side of my daughter’s dresser.

ABC 123 Learning Station

Now she has a fun little learning area in her room! This could be done with chalkboard or dry erase vinyl too to help kids learn to write each of the numbers and letter of the alphabet too! I would recommend waiting til your kids are old enough to understand that it is okay to draw on the letters, but not on the walls or furniture.

What kind of learning stations would you make with vinyl?

DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head

DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head Tutorial on #toy #game #felt

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I think I have officially come a felt toy addict. There are so many fun toys you can make for kids with felt. One that I started on years ago before I had kids, was a soft Mr. or Mrs. Potato head! Now that my daughter is old enough to play with it, I decided it was time to finish my project. This soft Mr. Potato head is perfect for church, car rides, and anytime you need a good boredom buster. It is so easy to make one too! Here’s what you need…

Supplies to make felt Mr. Potato Head on #tutorial #diy #craft

*Felt (at least two pieces of light brown for the potato and additional pieces for the accessories and body parts.)


*Sticky back Velcro

*Sharpie Markers

*Embroidery thread

*Cotton stuffing

Soft Mr. Mrs. Potato Head tutorial on #diy #felt #toy

First, cut out the potato front and back out of the light brown. I drew a potato on the felt using the Sharpie marker and cut out both felt pieces out at the same time so they would be the same size.

Now it is time for the body parts and accessories!

Felt Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Body Parts on #mouth #arm #toy

Now, you need to cut out two arms out of the felt. I cut a front and a back for both of the arms too. I stitched them together too. Cut out mouths and even mustaches too out of the different colored felt. Stitch details using the embroidery thread.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Eyewear parts on #felt #toy #tutorial

For the eyes, cut out eyebrows, different eye shapes, and even glasses. Stitch the eyes together using the embroidery thread. Most of them, I just eyeballed (haha, get it?!) when I cut them, but you can trace something and cut it out too.

DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head Footwear on #diy #tutorial #felt

For the shoes, I folded the felt in half and cut them out together so that the shoes stayed together instead of being separate. I made some Nike shoes, high heels, and cleats. I used embroidery thread to stitch the details on.

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Hair and Hats on #diy #felt #tutorial

For the head wear, I just kind of eyeballed it as I cut them out. For the long hair, football, helmet, and hats, I stitched them together using the embroidery thread. I made the hats double sided so that they would actually slip onto the head instead of just sticking on.

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head accessories on #diy #tutorial #felt #toy

I had WAY too much fun with the accessories! The great part about these potato head toys, is you can totally customize them to your family and your kids interests. My husband is a big Utah football fan, so I made a #1 U foam finger that you can slip onto the arm, a football, the cleats, and a football helmet. My family loves baseball too so I made a bat and a mitt that you can slip onto the hand. I am a cosmetologist, so I made a blow dryer, a mirror, and some scissors. The scissors work for my husband being a teacher too. They can go with the pencil. I made a little bow to go in the hair and a purse to put treasures in. Once you start making accessories, it becomes addictive! You just keep thinking of more things you can make!

Soft Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head tutorial on #diy #tutorial #toy #felt

After making all of the accessories, put Velcro on the potato body where you want the accessories and body parts to attach. Put the opposite side of the Velcro on each of the body parts and accessories. Stitch the potato body together. Make sure to stitch the arms on too. Don’t stitch it all the way together though. Leave a little opening so you can stuff the potato. Put a little stuffing in the potato and finish stitching it up.

Easy DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head tutorial on #toy #kid #game

Now you are done! You might want to play with it more than your kids will!