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Perfect Portable Toy

Perfect Portable Toy

We played with the Playskool Roll ‘N Gears Car as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PLAYSKOOLCREW

We just moved into our new place on Friday and are living among what feels like millions of boxes. We have found the essentials, but seem to be digging around to find many other things in our boxes. I am so grateful for the few portable toys that have been available to my daughter while we unpack the rest of her toys and the rest of our lives in the boxes all over the house.

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One portable toy that has really kept her attention is the Playskool Roll ‘N Gears Car. She loves that she can play with it like a traditional car or she can take it apart. It keeps her entertained for a long time because there are so many options for her.

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It has been really neat to see her figure out how the gears work. This toy is great for children who are younger than her, but as a preschool aged child, she loves to figure out how different things work. This car helps her discover just that!

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Portable toys are something that I just don’t know how any mom could live without! They are so nice to be able to take with you to have when your kids drive you crazy at the Dr’s office, grocery store, or on an airplane. This Playskool Roll N’ Gears Car is perfect for all of those scenarios. What do you love most about portable toys?