Teacher Appreciation Manicure Gift Envelope

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is near! It is teacher appreciation and end of year teacher gift season! As a wife of a former teacher, I know that teachers don’t need anymore mugs or even chocolate. Give gifts that you would want to give to your friends! They don’t need to be expensive, just thoughtful. I absolutely love Color Street nails for that exact reason. They are 100% nail polish strips that last longer than traditional nail polish, are super affordable, and they make perfect gifts!

Teacher Appreciation Manicure Gift Envelope on www.girllovesglam.com

These gift envelopes are the perfect way to “wrap” Color Street nails. You just print them out on cardstock paper, cut them out, and tape or glue them together. On one example, I used double sided tape to tape them together and on the other one I used washi tape. You can do  it however you want! [Read more…]

Caramel Apple Bath Bomb Recipe Teacher Gift Idea

It is the time of year where the spices come out, layers start to come on, and the taste of crisp apples couldn’t be any sweeter. That’s why for the month of August, I knew that a caramel apple bath bomb recipe would be perfect! We made a few and gave them as teacher gifts this year and they were a total hit!

Caramel Apple Bath Bomb Teacher Gift Idea on www.girllovesglam.com

Making these bath bombs is incredibly easy! Here is what you will need… [Read more…]

Handwritten Water Bottle Teacher Gift Idea

My husband used to be an elementary school teacher. It was always interesting to see what kinds of gifts his students would bring him. A lot of times, he would end up with loads of candy. Candy is nice, but there is only so much candy one person can take before it gets a little old! When it was time to come up with a gift to give my daughter’s preschool and dance teachers, I knew I wanted to give them something practical and personal. That’s when we came up with this darling handwritten water bottle teacher gift idea!

Handwritten Water Bottle Teacher Gift Idea

These water bottles turned out just so sweet with this little 5 year old handwriting and artwork. I know that they will be treasures for her teachers and will be sweet reminders of my daughter each time they use them. I think the best part was just how simple they were to make! Here is what you need to make your own… [Read more…]

Magnetic Chalkboard & Dry Erase Learning Board and GIVEAWAY

Can you even believe that it is almost time to send the kiddos back to school again? I am teaming up with a few other fabulous bloggers to show you our ideas to survive back to school season and be able to celebrate it in all of the awesomeness that it truly is!

Awesome Back to School Ideas



Menu Board | Personalized Teacher Gift | Teacher Survival Kit | Memo Boards | Magnetic Learning Board

Back to school means something totally different when you have a child who isn’t in school yet. Just because my daughter doesn’t go to school yet, doesn’t mean I don’t want to spend the time teaching her and let her make her own discoveries. That is why I chose to make a magnetic chalkboard and dry erase board that can be used as a learning center for all kinds of learning activities.

Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry Erase Learning Board on www.girllovesglam.com


To make your very own learning board, you need…

How to make a learning board for toddlers on www.girllovesglam.com

*Cookie sheet

*Chalkboard vinyl, dry erase vinyl, blue outdoor vinyl, and red outdoor vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

*Paper cutter

How to make a magnetic chalkboard on www.girllovesglam.com

Cut a piece of the chalkboard vinyl to the size of the cookie sheet. Stick the vinyl to the cookie sheet.

How to make a magnetic dry erase board on www.girllovesglam.com

Cut the dry erase vinyl as the same size as the other side of the cookie sheet and stick the vinyl to it.

DIY lined dry erase board on www.girllovesglam.com

Cut the blue vinyl into little strips and stick them onto the white board.

Lined Dry Erase White Board on www.girllovesglam.com


These are the lines to write on so they need to be spaced apart enough to write on.

Lined magnetic white board on www.girllovesglam.com

Cut the red vinyl into little strips and cut those strips into smaller sections. Put those red pieces in a line in the center of each of the sections. Now my daughter can practice writing on this dry erase board that can easily sit on her lap.

Magnetic Learning Board on www.girllovesglam.com

She can also draw on the chalkboard and play with all of her Pre K learning packs that she has. They can easily stick on the cookie sheet because it is magnetic. You can find tons of these Pre K packs on my friends blog, Over the Big Moon.

Now for an extra special part, a giveaway! Expressions Vinyl is giving away one lucky reader a $100 gift card. To enter, use the widget below…

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Good luck! For even more fabulous ideas using vinyl in so many ways you could ever dream of, check out the Expressions Vinyl Blog too!

Being Proud

We are always taught to be humble. To hide our accomplishments. Not to show off. To beware of pride. But when is it okay to be proud of what we have done? I think that there is a time and a place for everything, including being proud of ourselves. So often we find ourselves almost being embarrassed by compliments. I say it is time to stop it. Although I do think it is important to stay humble, I think there is a time to celebrate our accomplishments. With that being said, I am going to tell you about something that I am proud of.

More like SOMEONE I am proud of.

Dave Headshot

I am super proud of Dave. He is not only a crazy awesome husband and father, but he has accomplished so much in the last year. He was just nominated for a Bammy. The Bammy’s are the Oscars for teachers. He was nominated in the Education Commentator/Blogger category. He wouldn’t have been nominated for that a year ago. One year ago, Dave took a giant leap of faith. He left his career as a classroom teacher to become an online middle school teacher and online grad student. Because he took that giant leap of faith, he was able to pursue his dream of writing too. He became a contributor on the well known education blog, Getting Smart and has been had featured articles posted on Edutopia and the Education Week blog. None of this would have happened if he wouldn’t have taken that leap of faith just one year ago. I am grateful for him and his great example of following your dreams. He has worked really hard to get to where he is and it is his time to be proud of his accomplishments.

The Bammy’s work a little differently than the Oscars. They partially rely on votes. It would mean the world to him if he got your vote. It is simple. Just go to the site, sign in with your Facebook account, and give Dave your 5 star review. Easy peasy, right? Well, it could change his life. If he makes it as a finalist, he will go to the Bammy event in Washington DC in September (and hopefully take his wife!) and will have an incredible thing to add to his resume. Please take a minute of your time to vote for him HERE.

Do you struggle with being embarrassed by talking about your accomplishments? How do you choose to celebrate them?

Easy Chalkboard Teacher Appreciation Gift

My husband is a teacher and I am always interested in what he gets from students as gifts. This year, he got a different job! He is now teaching online, so I doubt he will be getting any gifts. He has an office that is really bare and I wanted to help him personalize it, so I made a chalkboard quote to hang up!

Easy Chalkboard Teacher Appreciation Gift

My husband loves the quote, “If they can dream it, we can do it!” so I decided to put that quote on his chalkboard. This chalkboard would be an easy teacher appreciation gift for any teacher! To make your own, you need…

Chalkboard Vinyl Teacher Gift

*White indoor vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

*Chalkboard (I got mine from the craft store for super cheap)

*Vinyl cutter


Silhouette Studio

First, cut out the quote on the vinyl.

Teacher Gift Chalkboard Quote

Put the vinyl on the chalkboard.

Teacher Chalkboard Easy Gift

You can give the teacher the chalkboard just like this, or you can take it one step further to make it look more like a chalkboard.

Chalkboard Vinyl Gift

Scribble chalk around the vinyl words.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Take a paper towel and rub in the chalk around the quote. Now you are done! Give your favorite teacher this gift!