Spring Style for the Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sponsored by Payless ShoeSource. All opinions are 100% mine.

This post is sponsored by Payless ShoeSource. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When I was growing up, I would get a new Easter outfit to wear each year. It was something I looked forward to every year. I knew that I wanted to continue that tradition for my own family and it has quickly become a favorite part of each year! I always am sure to shop smart and get items that we can wear all Spring season.

Family Easter Style

Buying new outfits for our family each year can become expensive, so we are sure to shop smart! [Read more…]

These Shoes Were Made for Walking, Literally!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Surprize by Stride Rite. All opinions are 100% mine.

Zoey has been able to walk for about a month now, but it wasn’t until the last week that she has decided to walk everywhere! Now her busy little feet don’t stop moving! With the second child, she is constantly wearing hand-me-downs from her older sister, but the shoes that her older sister wore at this stage of her life were totally trashed! New walkers want to do nothing but walk and they are actually pretty hard on their little shoes, especially if they aren’t very well made. Thankfully, I have learned over the years what brands of shoes I can count on.

Stride Rite Surprize at Target on www.girllovesglam.com

With as much walking as she does and the amount of different terrain that she seems to venture in, I thought it was important to get her some quality shoes. [Read more…]

Current Favorite Shoes I’m Wearing Non Stop

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I am always curious what people’s current favorites are. You can be totally obsessed with something and then it starts to change and turn into something else. So before my current favorites change, I wanted to share 4 pairs of shoes that have been on constant repeat lately. Warning, if you don’t want to feel like you ABSOLUTELY need another (or another four) pairs of shoes, don’t continue reading because I know that is what is going to happen!

Sam Edelman Clay Wedge

First up, [Read more…]

Heels Made Comfortable with Amopé

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Making Heels Comfortable on www.girllovesglam.com

Have you ever purchased a pair of shoes that you just absolutely could not live without? Have you ever purchased those shoes only to find out that they are the most uncomfortable things you have ever put on your feet? That is exactly what happened to me when I purchased my beloved black and white striped heels.  [Read more…]

Preschool Back to School Style

I cannot believe that I have a child who is old enough to be in preschool. We aren’t exactly sure what we are going to be doing for preschool yet. We aren’t sure if we will be living in this area still, if we will have our daughter attend a traditional preschool, or if we will be joining a joy school type environment. There are so many options out there! I do know that no matter what we will end up doing, I want her to feel prepared and feel confident about starting her journey as a student.

I think a major part about feeling confident as a student, is how you feel in your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean your kids need to be in designer clothing, but I do believe that if you feel good in your clothing, you act more confidently. That’s why I am sure to hit up all of the great sales to get some pieces that will transition nicely from season to season and can be worn to preschool and to play in. [Read more…]

Busy Little Feet

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stride Rite. All opinions are 100% mine.

These little feet have been busy.

Stride Rite Girl Shoes on www.girllovesglam.com

They are busy trying to keep up with the rapid pace that the body they are attached to goes each day. It is no wonder this little girl sleeps as hard as she does at night. These little feet are on the go, all day long. Just when I didn’t think they could be any busier, the sunshine outside has proved me wrong. These little feet are busier than I have ever seen them before. Sometimes they are busy holding her up while she creates a piece of art on the driveway. [Read more…]

Perfect Summer Nights Outfit

Perfect Summer Nights Outfit on www.girllovesglam.com

Summertime is all about the summer nights for me. I love how long the sun stays up, the chill of the summer breeze, and the fun activities that happen in the evenings. I have big plans of attending many BBQ’s and a lot of the free concerts they offer in my area this summer. Putting together an outfit for a summer night is all about light layers, while keeping the feeling [Read more…]

Easter Sunday Style: Toddler Edition

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I loved growing up with the tradition of having a big Easter egg hunt with my cousins on the Saturday before Easter. I loved waking up on Easter morning to find goodies from the Easter bunny, getting in a fancy dress, and spending time at church that day. It has always held a special place in my heart for many reasons.

Toddler Easter Dress and Shoes on www.girllovesglam.com

It is fun to pass on some of these traditions to my daughter, now that I am a mother. I hope that one day she can look back and have sweet memories of the Easter holiday like I do. [Read more…]

Fall Fashion: Style Meets Comfort

I always love getting new clothes for each season. Fall is probably my favorite season to buy clothing for though. I have such a crush on all of the fun textures, colors, and patterns that come with Fall! My two favorite fall items to buy are sweaters and shoes. Let’s be honest, shoes can get so expensive though! The worst is when you buy a super cute pair that you have saved up for and they end up being uncomfortable. I have more shoes like that in my closet than I care to admit. That’s why I was so excited to learn about the Dexflex Comfort shoes at Payless ShoeSource.

I mean, could these herringbone booties get any more perfect? I really don’t think it is possible! I love that I can go about my regular, daily activities in these shoes without my feet hurting me. I love wearing heels when I do my daily tasks because it makes me feel a lot more put together and it gives me a little more confidence. [Read more…]

How to pick the correct athletic shoe!

I am so excited to have my sweet friend Courtney guest posting today! I don’t have guest posters often, so you know that when I do, it is someone extra special! You are going to LOVE her! She is going to teach us all about how to pick the correct athletic shoe!
Hello!  I’m Courtney from FrySauceandGrits.com!  I’m so flipping excited to be featured on Girl Loves Glam!  I met McKenzie at Build Your Blog Conference earlier this year and INSTANTLY (I’m not kidding) we were bosom friends and kindred spirits.  I’ve never connected and related with someone so quickly in my life like I did McKenzie.  I wish we lived next door to each other, but we don’t.  Whenever she’s in town I always enjoy our fun outings.  I love McKenzie so much and feel so honored and star struck to be her friend.  She’s helped me a lot especially feeling the confidence to start Fry Sauce and Grits.   I’m forever indebted to her!  
My sister Melanie and I who are very close to each other also live far away from each other.  To be exact its 1700 miles.  Between our busy live, working, being homemakers, wives, and mothers, and trying to stay in touch with each other we both felt a need to
have a creative outlet.  In May of 2013
we created our blog and have been having a blast inspiring others to create and
learn while sharing our passions for beauty, diy, home decor, food, fashion,
and crafting.  Make sure to check our blog at FrySauceandGrits.com!  

All of my life I’ve enjoyed being active.  I was in pretty good shape before I got pregnant in November of 2011.  Fast forward nine months later, with all the food cravings, sitting on my tush most of the day, being completely out of shape, gaining 35 pounds, and not recognizing my body at all with my deflated boobs, poochy tummy, and hello cellulite!  I found myself unhappy with the way I felt and looked.  I then discovered this amazing fitness and meal program called LeanMoms and have lost the 35 pounds and now live the healthy and active lifestyle I never thought was possible after having a baby!  It wasn’t easy, and a lot of times I wanted to eat an entire pan of brownies, but I stuck through it and have loved the results I’ve gotten.  Check out my story here!

Because I love being active and its an important daily thing I do, I found my feet hurting a lot.  I realized I’d been wearing the same pair of athletic shoes for over two years!  I thought to myself, “I bet it’s time to go get some new shoes.”  So I went to my local shoe store and was there forever staring at all of the different types of shoes and wondered, “What is the difference between running, tennis, walking, and cross-training shoes?”  I was overwhelmed.  After much research, I finally got my answer! Here is what I found.

Before you go to the shoe store, it’s important to determine your foot type.  
To determine what type of feet you have, there is a simple and easy test you can do at home.  It’s called the “wet test.”  This sounds kind of dirty, but I can promise you it’s not.  All you have to do is to get your feet wet and stand on a hard surface like cement or on some dark construction paper so you can see the imprint of your feet.  The type of imprint (no I’m taking about Twilight and Jacob) you have will determine your feet  type.


Wet Test Results
When I did the test for myself I found out I’m an underpronator/supinator!  Now what the heck does that mean?  For me this means I have high arches.
Overpronator– flat or low arches and roll inward
Neutral– normal center pressure line with equal weight distribution 
Underpronator/Supinator– high arches and roll outward
Once you know if you’re a overpronator, neutral, or an underpronator/supinator you can define what you need from an athletic shoe: 
Overpronator– You need high-stability or motion-control sneakers to keep your feet aligned with your legs
Neutral– You need stability to moderate-stability shoes that offer a balance of cushioning and support.
Underpronator/Supinator– You need cushioning for good shock absorption.
So how do you go about finding shoes that have more cushioning/support, shock absorption, or high stability? Well, if you live close to a reputable running shoe store, you can go there.  For me, getting out of the house with a crawling and teething nine month old can be far and few.  I went to Zappos.com and put in the words “overpronator women athletic shoe” and found over 400 results!  Talk about awesome!  I picked out my favorites for each of the needs:
Overpronator Picks
Neutral Picks

Underpronator/Supinator Picks
I hope this makes finding your next pair of athletic shoes a little easier.  I’ve noticed a big difference with how my feet feel after being active.
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