Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls

We have a toddler who LOVES dinosaurs! She loves to “rawr” like a dinosaur, watch dinosaur shows, and wear dinosaur clothes. I knew that we needed to have a dinosaur birthday party for her when she turned two, but we wanted to make it a bright, fun party that wasn’t a “scary dinosaur” party at all. These dinosaur party ideas would be great for girls, but would totally work for boys too!

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How to Make a Balloon Arch

I have made a balloon arch for several birthday parties and each time I have made one, I get asked how to make it. I have tried to explain it, but figured I might as well actually share how to make a balloon arch on here! Balloon arches are so easy to make and they can make a huge impact. They can be used for birthday parties, weddings, and any holiday party ever. They can add flowers, leaves, pom poms, or anything else you want to make them unique.

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Chocolate Candy Apple Pops

Halloween parties are in full swing and there is no better way to socialize than over fantastic food. When you are surrounded by great company and delicious food, you are almost guaranteed a hit when it comes to throwing the perfect Halloween party. If we are being completely honest with ourselves, Halloween is more about the dessert than the actual meal. Focus on a fun dessert that will bring your party guests together!

Chocolate Candy Apple Pops

These chocolate candy apple pops are sure to bring party guests together. They can be made before the party or as part of the party by creating a station where guests can make their own chocolate candy apple creations. [Read more…]

Halloween Skewers Healthy and Non-Healthy Versions

Making food for a Halloween party can be hard! Many of the options are too creepy or two time consuming. That is why I love the idea of making easy Halloween skewers that are quick to make and can be made in either a healthy or a non-healthy option!

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Witch Hat Decorating Station Halloween Party Idea

Halloween parties are one of my very favorite things to plan and attend. I love planning Halloween parties for adults and for kids! One Halloween party idea that was a total hit was our witch hat decorating station. It is perfect for Halloween parties that you host and for Halloween class parties!

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Moana Party Games and Printable Bingo

My daughter’s Moana birthday party luau was such a fun party to plan! It was fun to be able to plan activities that were character themed, but also plan luau activities that would be new to a group of 5 year olds!

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Moana Birthday Party

This post is all about the decor of the Moana Birthday Party. Tomorrow’s post will include all of the games and the printables you need for the games for the Moana party!

We were one of the thousands of families who totally fell in love with Moana after we watched it Thanksgiving weekend. It had such a sweet story with great messages and incredible music that we all left the theater singing! That is why it was no surprise to me when my daughter told me she wanted to have a Moana birthday party! I was excited to create a Moana party, but didn’t want everything to be so character themed, so we went with an island luau with a lot of Moana inspiration. I just love how it all turned out and it was a blast!

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Minnie Mouse Party Favors


After posting about my daughter’s Minnie Mouse birthday party earlier this year, I realized that I didn’t ever post anything about the Minnie Mouse party favors that I gave out at it. They were super easy to make and a huge hit!

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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Details and Free Printables

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It is hard to believe that my little girl is finally three years old. She is sassy and full of life and is so ready to take on the big 3! To celebrate her birthday, we had a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party! This little girl loves everything Minnie Mouse. I hope that by sharing some of the fun details about her Minnie Mouse birthday party, it can inspire you when you are planning a Minnie Mouse party of your own!

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Sesame Street Elmo Birthday Party

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It has been party central at our house for the last few weeks. Just when Christmas and New Years is over, it turns into birthday season around these parts! The first birthday of the season this year was the two year old birthday! For some reason, I think the rest of the parties after this will be less than a fraction of how epic this party was. I guess that’s what we get as we turn to adulthood!

While I was in the beginning stages of planning, I couldn’t decide what theme to really go with because this two year old loves so many different things! I was almost certain we would need an Elmo, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sophia the First, La La Loopsy, Mickey Mouse party! I decided to go ahead with the Sesame Street theme because Elmo really was her first love. I didn’t have much time to plan her party and thought I would be able to work with primary colors the easiest.

Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party

I started hunting for the perfect set of Sesame Street printables that I could use for the party and absolutely fell in love with the designs of Mimi’s Dollhouse! They seemed more realistic than any other Sesame Street printables that I could find!

Elmo Cupcake Toppers

She has thought of absolutely every detail with her printables. I used only a fraction of what she had offered in her Sesame Street Party Collection. She has everything from invitations, to banners, to party circles, to thank you cards, welcome signs, tented labels, straw flags, etc. When I say she has thought of everything, I mean it!

We decided to have a Sesame Street PJ Breakfast Party instead of a typical birthday party because it was on a Saturday and we wanted people to be able to get on with their day and to still be able to spend some time celebrating with us. It was a huge success! I couldn’t believe how many moms expressed their gratitude for having the party at 10 am! We served Elmo pancakes, yogurt, juice, muffins, and eggs. There was something for every eater there!

Now for a photo journey through the party.

Zig Zag DIY Streamers

Sesame Street Party Favors

Sesame Street Elmo Straw Flags

Elmo Happy Birthday Banner

Sesame Street Birthday Party

This next photo is probably my favorite decoration of all of them, and ironically, it was probably the easiest too! I got some tissue paper party fan decorations and put eyes on them to create simple Sesame Street characters. I chose to stick with Elmo and Cookie Monster because they are the birthday girl’s favorites!  You can get some of these here!

Elmo Party Decorations

Personalized Elmo Decorations

I cut out a giant red Elmo with butcher paper and we played pin the nose on Elmo too. It was the perfect little game for toddlers.

Pin the Nose on Elmo

Elmo Birthday Party Details

After the partying was all said and done, it was fun to just sit back and enjoy all of the Elmo goodness with my newly turned two year old.

Elmo 2nd Birthday Party

If you are planning any sort of party coming up, you HAVE to check out Mimi’s Dollhouse! Her prices are totally reasonable and you won’t find the quality that she offers anywhere else!

Check out her website HERE or like her on Facebook HERE.

 The files for the printables were complimentary, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.