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Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls

Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls

We have a toddler who LOVES dinosaurs! She loves to “rawr” like a dinosaur, watch dinosaur shows, and wear dinosaur clothes. I knew that we needed to have a dinosaur birthday party for her when she turned two, but we wanted to make it a bright, fun party that wasn’t a “scary dinosaur” party at all. These dinosaur party ideas would be great for girls, but would totally work for boys too!

Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls

Our party was just for family, so we didn’t play games or anything. It was all about the decorations, eating delicious food, and spending time together. I have seen some darling dinosaur birthday party games online, so once you get your decoration ideas here, head over and find your games!

Dinosaur Party

The shining stars of the party (besides the birthday girl, of course) were the dinosaurs that were there to party! These dinosaurs were so dang fun to make. When I finished them, my photographer and I both agreed that I probably wouldn’t ever create anything better in my life. You just have to giggle when you see them!

Dinosaurs with Party Hats

How to make party dinosaurs

These party dinosaurs are so easy to create. You buy however many dinosaurs you need from the dollar store or from the inexpensive toy bins at the store. I got mine for $1 each at Walmart. Next, you spray paint them whatever party colors you want them to be.

To make the miniature party hats, you need to cut out half circles. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut mine out. Mine were 3 inches in diameter. Put a line of glue along the edge of the circle and twist the paper around to make a cone shape. Glue a pom pom on top. Now you have a mini party hat!

Glue the party hats to the dinosaurs and you have yourself some dinosaurs who are ready for a serious dinosaur birthday party!

The streamers hanging everywhere make a huge impact at parties and they are literally just pieces of colored paper, cut in a certain way. They are a great solution for party decorations on a budget!

How to Make Paper Streamers

How to Make Zig Zag Paper Streamers

I have made zig-zag paper streamers for several parties and they always are a hit! To make them, you want to cut your paper into strips. Most of my paper was 12×12 and I cut them in half.

Then you go down your paper, cutting straight lines across, but leave about 1/2 inch on the end. For the next cut, you cut coming from the opposite side of the paper.

Continue doing that back and forth, until the whole paper is full of cuts. Once you do that, you hold the paper by one end and it pulls out like a zig-zag streamer.

I wanted some of mine to be a lot longer, so I hot glued two of these streamers together.

Dinosaur Balloon Arch

Zig Zag Paper Streamers

Now let’s talk balloon arch. This is the balloon arch that could! I made it for the art birthday party and shared with you how to make the balloon arch, but what makes this dinosaur balloon arch is the added leaves and dinosaurs to the mix!

Balloon Arch with Leaves

I bought these leaves on Amazon for our Moana birthday party we had a few years ago. That is the good thing about throwing parties, is you can keep your decorations and use them again for other parties! I just put glue dots on the backs of the leaves and stuck them right onto the balloons. I also put a few on the ends of the paper streamers so that we would have leaves all over the house. They added a lot!

Balloon Dinosaur

The balloon dinosaurs were something I found on another blog. I downloaded her images and cut them out with my Silhouette Cameo. They were so fun to add to the balloon arch!

Girl Dinosaur Party

All of the other party details came together to make the party as cute as a dinosaur party possibly could be! We had lots of bright colors and nothing about it felt like a scary dinosaur party.

Dinosaur Party For Girls

The best part of all of it was seeing the birthday girl get so excited about her party. She could stop roaring and loved every minute of having our house decorated in full Jurassic mode!

Dinosaur Birthday Party

What types of birthday parties have you thrown at your house? Don’t forget to check out some of the other fun birthday parties we have had at our house!

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Kimberly Murdie

Saturday 18th of January 2020

Thank you so much for al these amazing ideas and links! I am really excited to get started, to prepare for my daughter birthday party! Have a wonderful day 🙂