Mint Pine Masculine Bath Bombs

Bath bombs aren’t just for the ladies! I have had a few requests for a good, masculine bath bomb. I have quite a few that men would really enjoy, but I wanted to create one specifically for men. And ladies, don’t you worry… this mint pine scent won’t make you smell like a man. This mixture of mint and pine scents is earthy and dreamy enough for women, too!

Mint Pine Bath Bombs on

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Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub

I absolutely love how my skin feels when I am exfoliating regularly. It leaves skin feeling baby soft! I used to buy different scrubs to use in the shower, but they can be quite expensive. The good  news is that making your own scrub costs very little and takes less than 15 minutes. It is a major win! I love making different varieties to try, but I also love making them to give as gifts! This vanilla mint sugar scrub is one of my favorite scrubs to make. The scent is really soothing and delicious!

Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe on

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Chewy Thin Mint Chocolate Cookies

Don’t let Santa or your friends go hungry with sugar cravings this holiday season! I am a lover of mint chocolate, but my problem is that I don’t like chocolate chips. I have to find other ways to enjoy mint chocolate goodness besides that traditional mint chocolate chip ice cream or something. One thing I absolutely love are thin mint cookies. They just speak to my very mint chocolate loving soul. Sometimes I want a soft cookie though, and those thin mints just don’t have anything soft about them!

I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own version of thin mint chocolate cookies that are CHEWY!

Mint Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies Recipe on

Since we are all friends around here, I am going to confess something to you… I ate 6 of these in one day! Yep, SIX! It was basically all I ate that day, with the exception of a couple of clementine oranges. It’s all about moderation, right?

Besides the fact that these cookies are absolutely delicious, want to know the greatest part of all? They are CRAZY easy to make! They are made with cake mix! [Read more…]

What I Wore: When a grown woman wears a tutu

Photo Credit: Cliq Photography by Ann @ann_cliqphotography

Purple net skirt and t-shirt on www.girllovesglam

Have you ever been online shopping and you see something on the site and think, “Yeah, I could pull that off! Choosing this item is a great idea” and then it comes in the mail and you have a small freak out moment thinking, “What on earth will I wear this with? I am too old for this!”… No? Well it happened to me. With this skirt. When it came in the mail, it instantly looked like a tutu to me. Maybe that is because my daughter has a tutu type skirt that is the exact same color and fabric as my skirt. It hung in my closet for about 2 weeks. I didn’t know what on earth I would wear with it.

Mint Green Converse All Star Shoes outfit on

Then these mint green Converse shoes came in the mail and it dawned on me… Wearing a purple net skirt doesn’t mean it is a tutu. It can be a fun, twist on the everyday outfit that I normally wear with a t-shirt. I knew this outfit was going to be pure perfection once I found the right tee.

Killin' It Tee featured on

Bam! Now I knew I could pull off the tutu. I wasn’t trying to be a fairy princess. I was literally killin’ it.

Skirt with Converse shoes

Then when I went to shoot what had quickly become my newest favorite outfit, the wind came. It came in a big way. Like a “it feels like a freaking tornado” kind of way. It was then that I realized that life is too short to take it too seriously. Life is meant to be fun. Life is meant to be a little weird. Life is meant to goofy. That is exactly what came through with this outfit and photo shoot in general and now I am grateful for that 50 mile an hour wind and the weird faces it made me make.

Purple tutu with tshirt and converse outfit on

Shirt: c/o StyleLately | Skirt: c/o SheInside (Similar) | Shoes: c/0 Rack Room Shoes | Earrings: Kohl’s (similar) | Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

Now to tell you more about these fabulous shoes! Have you ever been to Rack Room Shoes? They are the bomb. They have really high quality shoes for great prices. They also have a rewards program that offers discounts and coupons and $15 in rewards for every $200 you spend. When you are buying shoes for the whole family, that can really add up to some major savings!

Another cool thing that Rack Room Shoes is doing, is they are looking for real customers to model their shoes! Rather than hiring professional models, they host an annual Models Wanted contest. They invite families to enter for a chance to win a trip to a photo shoot, and to be featured in their ads! Isn’t that the coolest? You can find more information about them on their website!


Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt Tutorial

Are you as excited for Spring as I am? I am not only excited about the warm weather, but I am excited about the fashion that comes with the warmer weather! I love all of the colors that start showing up in clothing during the Spring. My favorite combination lately has been mint and gold. I think it is the perfect combination for the Spring! I wanted a shirt that had both of those colors in it, but couldn’t find one. So what did I do? I made my own of course! Wouldn’t you?

DIY Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt

The best part about this shirt is that it is so dang easy to make! To make your own, you need…

DIY Polka Dot Shirt

*Mint paint. I mixed these two different Martha Stewart colors because I didn’t find a perfect mint that I liked.

*Gold paint. I mixed these two gold paint colors to create the color I wanted.

*Round sponge brushes

*White shirt. Mine is a Hanes men’s v neck shirt. If you don’t already know this secret, the men’s v neck Hanes shirts are THE BEST v neck shirts ever.

How to Make a polka dot shirt

Making this shirt is really easy. Just dip the sponge brush into the paint and tap the majority of the paint off of it onto the side of the bowl. Then put a dot onto the shirt. Make sure that you put cardboard in your shirt so it doesn’t bleed through. Something I discovered later, is that this shirt would look awesome if you paint the inside and then wear it right side out with the polka dots peeking through. It looks kind of like a burnt out tee. I just eyeballed how far apart to make the polka dots because I wanted it to be a little more whimsical, and less straight and perfect. I traded off doing mint and gold rows, but you could do any sort of pattern or no pattern at all if you wanted too. I think any assortment of these two colors would be amazing.

DIY Polka Dot Shirt Tutorial

Go along your entire shirt and let the paint dry. Keep in mind that the paint will probably change colors a little bit as it dries. My gold paint lightened up a lot after it dried, which is what I was hoping for.

DIY Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt

After your paint is dry, you can rock your new creation and feel all ready for Spring!

If you need your nails to match your new shirt, try this tutorial for this Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art too!

Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art