Amazing Family Halloween Costumes

I grew up going to a church Halloween party that was always a highlight of the season. Everyone got into the Halloween spirit, but one family would steal the show every year with their themed costumes. I knew that when I had a family of my own, I wanted to have a family theme for as long as my kids would participate! As soon as I became a mom, those dreams became a reality. I LOVE family Halloween costumes!

Amazing Family Halloween Costumes on

I just love to see what families choose to be together for Halloween. You can definitely tell when the kids have a say and when the choice was mostly made by the parents. No matter who chooses, I love any family who will dress up together! I hope you get some family Halloween costume inspiration! [Read more…]

No Sew Mickey Waffle Costume: Disney Treats Costume

My absolute favorite food at Disneyland are Mickey waffles! I have to plan a character dining experience at the Plaza Inn each time we visit, just so I can get my hands on more of those delicious waffles. They are the greatest! I even have a Mickey waffle ornament and now a shirt with Mickey waffles on it. The obsession continues as I now have a Mickey Waffle costume I get to wear this Halloween!

No Sew Mickey Waffle Costume

I love my Mickey waffle costume so much! It is the best because I can wear whatever I want under the costume and easily be able to slip the costume on and off as I go to Halloween functions. I think the best part about this Mickey waffle costume is that it doesn’t require any sewing! To make this costume, I used… [Read more…]

Simplifying Your Life as a New Mom

There is nothing quite like the overwhelming feeling after having a baby. There is just so many things to buy, things to do, all while trying to do those things on very little sleep! I remember feeling very overwhelmed after Zoey was born. I just didn’t know how I was going to juggle the task of keeping my 5 year old happy, taking care of a newborn, and keeping my business running. It was all so much!

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I quickly learned the importance of simplifying my life. If I could cut down on the amount of errands I needed to run or come up with better systems for getting household work and work for my job done, things could run a lot more smoothly.  [Read more…]

Spring Style for the Family

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This post is sponsored by Payless ShoeSource. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When I was growing up, I would get a new Easter outfit to wear each year. It was something I looked forward to every year. I knew that I wanted to continue that tradition for my own family and it has quickly become a favorite part of each year! I always am sure to shop smart and get items that we can wear all Spring season.

Family Easter Style

Buying new outfits for our family each year can become expensive, so we are sure to shop smart! [Read more…]

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

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If you have followed along on my social accounts, you have probably seen by now that I am a single mom for the summer. We made a pretty huge life decision and are living apart for the summer so that my husband can go back to school and change career fields entirely. Living 5 hours apart isn’t easy, but it makes the weekends that we do get to see each other that much sweeter! We love finding special things to do as a family when we are all together. One thing that we tried recently was the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

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Before coming to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, I always thought it would be just a bunch of fish tanks. It was so much more than that! [Read more…]

Organize Your Family with One App

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Staying organized in 2017 is going to be so much easier with the help of the CURAGO app. I have partnered with CURAGO for this post.

I can’t even tell you how many apps I have tried over the years in my search of finding a great app to organize my family. I wasn’t ever able to find one that had all of the features I was looking for, so I always went back to my paper planner. The problem with my paper planner is that I forget it at home almost every time it seems like I would need it. What is the point of trying to stay organized if you can’t even be organized enough to remember to grab your planner in the first place?

I never forget my phone, so finding a great app to help organize my life just made more sense than trying to remember a paper planner each time I walked out of the door. That is why I was completely overjoyed to learn about the CURAGO app!

Curago App [Read more…]

Family Gift Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

This holiday season, I’m swapping gifts with another blogger for her entire family for eBay’s holiday gift exchange. I’ve partnered with eBay to create this post! Enjoy!

I still remember receiving family gifts when I was younger. It may sound strange, but the thoughts of getting a gift as a family was almost more exciting to me than getting an individual gift! It was always such a mystery to see what gift would fit our entire family. It was so much fun to see what the gift givers thought our family would enjoy. Those gifts still go down as some of my favorite gifts I have ever been able to enjoy!

I love the idea of giving a family gift. Instead of purchasing several smaller gifts, you can put your entire gifting budget to one big item that everyone can enjoy. Most of those bigger ticket items aren’t things that families would typically think to spend their own money on, so they make really great gifts! 

I put together a few suggestions to help you find the perfect gift when you need family gift ideas!


I loved searching for great gift ideas on eBay. It is a site that I can trust and I know that it is full of an incredible variety of items! No matter what types of things the family enjoys, eBay is sure to have something that would make a perfect gift for them! [Read more…]

Camping Hunt Preschool Activity and Backyard Campout Ideas

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Backyard Campout Ideas for Familes

I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge camper. Since being married, we have camped annually at a family reunion and that has been about the extent of my camping adventures for the past eight years. Last summer, we wanted to try camping in our backyard before family reunion came around so that our four year old could get used to the idea of sleeping in a tent. Family reunion was her first real camping experience and we wanted to be totally prepared for it. I have heard of people taking their camp trailers to camping locations close to their home for the first time each season as kind of a trial run for the year. I loved that idea! It is a great way to make sure you have everything you will need when the time comes to actually go camping.

Backyard camping is the perfect solution for our family right now. We are still a pretty young family and are still getting the hang of things in the camping world. Since our first backyard campout, it has become a favorite of ours. There are a few things that can make backyard camping special. [Read more…]

Spring has almost sprung!

I felt the magic of Swiss herbs in Ricola Herb and Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #swissherbs

I grew up in a totally different region of Idaho than I live in now. In the region I grew up in, this time of year is basically the ugliest thing you have ever seen. There is brown snow everywhere because of the snow beginning to melt and mixing with dirt and filth from the cars and the wind is enough to take you down to your knees and want to curl in a tiny ball until summer. Spring has never been a favorite of mine. That is why I can’t seem to believe my eyes when I see the forecast in the region of Idaho that I currently live in when I see temperatures in the 60’s and I can walk outside without being blown away. I am officially a fan of spring!

Playing outside in spring weather #swissherbs [Read more…]


12/6/15- Tomorrow was supposed to be a day of pure joy. The special 12 week mark in pregnancy where you feel comfortable making an announcement to the world that there is a baby coming soon. Instead of that joy, I dread tomorrow. Tomorrow will mark one week since that doctor’s appointment. The one where my doctor could no longer find a once beating heartbeat.

I didn’t feel any different that day. I was planning on taking my 3 year old to the appointment and was really talking it up because the last place she wanted to go was to the doctor’s office. As I went to put on her shoes, my neighbor called and asked if our daughter’s could have a play date. I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to wrestle a grumpy three year old at the doctor’s office and thanked my neighbor for offering to take her. Although this doctor’s appointment was happening at 11 weeks, which is relatively early in a pregnancy, this was actually my third appointment. I had been in twice for early ultrasounds when I had some cramping and spotting early on. The second appointment happened at 8 weeks and they were able to find a heartbeat. Our minds were calmed and our hearts instantly fell in love with that tiny little blob on the ultrasound screen as we watched the flicker of the tiny heartbeat. The doctor told us that there was still a chance of miscarriage, but the chances went significantly lower once there was a heartbeat found.

I felt at total ease when we went to Disneyland a week later. I had made sure to ask the doctor about what rides I would be okay riding and what things I should stay away from, but he assured me that as long as I stayed away from rides with a band that went right across my stomach or rides that went upside down, I would be alright. He reminded me that if a miscarriage was to happen, it would be a genetic thing this early on because the baby was so tiny and so well padded in my stomach at this point.

Disneyland was absolute magic. We truly had the best time as a family. We created memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that I grasp to now when I feel the absolute sorrow that I feel off and on. We made sure to take a family photo in front of the castle, complete with a shirt I was wearing with little Mickey ears on them as a way to announce the pregnancy to the world. We would wait until the 12 week mark to post it anywhere, but we loved that idea to announce it.

As soon as we got home, I uploaded the photo and ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly, announcing the pregnancy to the world.

The next day was when our lives changed forever. That doctor’s appointment. The one that happened almost a week ago. It was technically going to be treated like a normal first time appointment, complete with blood tests, urine samples, and questions about my last pregnancy. The nurse came in and asked me questions about my last pregnancy and sent in the doctor with a P.A. student to ask similar questions and get a follow up on how things were going as far as more cramping and bleeding went. I hadn’t had any and I was beginning to feel a lot better from morning sickness. Things were looking up now that I was getting past the first trimester. Before sending me to the nurse to do blood tests, the doctor wanted to do another ultrasound just to make sure everything still looked good.

As soon as he saw the ultrasound, I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t see a baby. He was explaining the ultrasound, pointing out my skin and my bladder. Then he said, “And here is the pregnancy.” Not the baby, but “the pregnancy”. He zoomed and zoomed to get a better view. He then proceeded to tell me, “There is the baby, but unfortunately what I am not seeing is a heartbeat.” At that moment, I didn’t feel like I had a heartbeat either. [Read more…]