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Organize Your Family with One App

Organize Your Family with One App

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Staying organized in 2017 is going to be so much easier with the help of the CURAGO app. I have partnered with CURAGO for this post.

I can’t even tell you how many apps I have tried over the years in my search of finding a great app to organize my family. I wasn’t ever able to find one that had all of the features I was looking for, so I always went back to my paper planner. The problem with my paper planner is that I forget it at home almost every time it seems like I would need it. What is the point of trying to stay organized if you can’t even be organized enough to remember to grab your planner in the first place?

I never forget my phone, so finding a great app to help organize my life just made more sense than trying to remember a paper planner each time I walked out of the door. That is why I was completely overjoyed to learn about the CURAGO app!

Curago App

The CURAGO app is much more than just a planner. You can keep up with your family’s schedules and share events with friends and family as well. You don’t have to share your entire schedule when you are sharing events either. Not every person who needs to know about certain events, also needs to know about every other event in you and your family’s lives. You can create different privacy settings for who you are sharing your calendar with. You can choose what events grandma and grandpa need to see, what plans your babysitter needs to see, and even schedule a girls night out with your friends!

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I love that there is a place to make lists and share those lists as well. I can have a shared grocery list with my husband so that there is never the guessing game of what we need when we are at the grocery store. I can even make a list of birthday gift ideas for my daughter and share it with my husband, my parents, and my mother-in-law so that we can all collaborate on what we are getting and won’t have any of the same presents purchased! It is so nice to be able to work with other people on lists.

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The best part about the CURAGO app is that it is free in the App Store! When I was looking for an app similar to this, I wasted a lot of money on apps that didn’t end up being right for me. I love that I can use this one without having to make a big investment.


How do you think that CURAGO could help simplify your life and your schedule?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CURAGO.