Instagram Photo Christmas Advent Calendar

Instagram Photo Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year is extra special because it is my daughter’s second Christmas. It is the first year that she is noticing all of the beauty around her that Christmas brings. She loves the lights, the glitter, and the music. She is also starting to learn how to count and loves looking at numbers. I thought that by bringing an interactive advent calendar for our family this season would be the perfect way to help her count and celebrate the fun that we have had all year! Because the advent calendar has 12 days, I tried choosing one photo for each month of the year. It is fun to see what fun memories we have from this year. I chose to have the numbers count up instead of counting down because I am trying to teach my daughter how to count. It was so easy to make! Here is what you need to make your own…

Instagram photo craft

*Picture frame

*12 pictures printed from Instagram. I printed mine from the Printicular app that sends the images to Walgreens to be printed.

*Paper to go in the picture frame

*Paper for the backs of the photos

*Marker. I used a silver Sharpie paint pen.

*Mini clothes pins

*Baker’s twine

Instagram photo Christmas craft

Glue the pictures onto the paper and cut them out. Put paper in the picture frame.

Christmas Advent Calendar Craft

Write the  numbers on the back of the paper.

DIY Instagram Christmas Advent Calendar

Put baker’s twine on the frame and tape the ends on the back of the frame. Clip the pictures onto the twine with the numbers facing forward. Now hang it up and enjoy! I can’t wait to start using it!

Faux Leather Thanksgiving Table Runner

I love being in this monthly themed group with these amazingly talented ladies! This month, the theme was Thanksgiving tables. Check out all of the incredible ideas for your Thanksgiving table!

Bombshell Bling Crazy Little Projects Four Marrs, One Venus 52 Mantels Smart School House Design, Dining + Diapers The Cards We Drew Dimple Prints Giggles Galore Girl Loves Glam That's What {Che} Said Image Map

For my Thanksgiving table craft, I decided to make a faux leather table runner. I love switching up my table runners throughout the seasons. Right now, leather is really trendy and I wanted to play off of that for my Thanksgiving table runner.
Faux Leather Thanksgiving Table Runner on www, #diy #tutorial #thanksgiving
To make your own, you need…
*Faux leather (this can be found at the fabric store. Don’t forget to use a coupon to make it nearly half price!)
*Metallic paint in 3 colors
*Paint brushes
Faux Leather Table Runner Supplies
First, cut the faux leather to the size that you need it to be. The great thing about using faux leather, is that it doesn’t fray so you don’t need to sew it at all! I love me a good no sew project!
Cut faux leather
Paint the words onto the material. I just free handed it, but you could find a font you love and trace it too.
Thanksgiving Table Runner
Use a straight edge and paint lines randomly on the faux leather. I didn’t go in any particular order, I just went with it!
Painted Faux Leather Table Runner
After I painted lines to go all up and down the table runner, I let it dry and put it out with my Thanksgiving decor!
Faux Leather Thanksgiving Table Runner
It is the perfect addition to my Thanksgiving decor. I love that it is a more modern twist on Thanksgiving decor!

Turn Family Memories into Home Decor

Family Memories Turned into Decor

Having family photos on display brings such a warmth to a home. It reminds you of the good times and reminds you of what is really important in life. Sometimes it is hard to think of ways to bring in photos without taking up every square inch of your walls. That is why making a photo pillow is a great option! It was so easy to make too! The hardest part was trying to decide what pattern to go with. Once I finally decided, I uploaded my pictures and dragged them to the spot I wanted them to be on the pillow.

Shutterfly Pillow

This pillow added just the right amount of color and pattern to my couch. I love the beautiful reminder that it brings to our family room. It will continue to be a great reminder of this fun time in our lives with our little girl.

Family Shutterfly Pillow


Hexagon Pumpkin Art

I am so excited to be sharing this fun project with you!

Hexagon Pumpkin Art on #halloween #decor #tutorial

I love to decorate for Halloween, but I don’t love most traditional Halloween decor. I enjoy putting my own, modern spin on my Halloween decor. Hexagon artwork is so popular right now, so why not turn those hexagons into pumpkins for some fun, unique Halloween artwork? To make your own, you need…

Hexagon Pumpkin Art Tutorial

Hexagon Pumpkin Supplies


*Washi tape

*Stain and stain brush

*Wax paper

*Print out of hexagon shape

*Razor blade

First, you want to stain your plywood. I used gel stain that is a lot easier to work with. I just put one coat on my plywood and let it dry.

Washi Tape Hexagon

Next, I put the wax paper on top of the paper with the hexagon shape on it. I put the tape onto the wax paper to trace the hexagon perfectly.

Hexagon Washi Tape Art

I went back with the razor blade to cut the excess washi tape off. Then I added a few pieces of washi tape to the top to create the stems for the pumpkins. I decided to have one pumpkin be totally filled in with the washi tape, and the other two would just be outlines. If you want to do the one that is easier, the outline is much easier to work with because you don’t have so many angles to work around.

Hexagon Pumpkin

I then found the spots that I wanted my pumpkins to be on the plywood. I started peeling back the wax paper, and stuck the washi tape onto the plywood as I went. I repeated these steps until all 3 of my pumpkins were stuck to the plywood.

Pumpkin Hexagon Halloween Art

I added a little washi tape banner to the top corner just to add some black to it and make it feel more like Halloween. I will probably take those off after Halloween and keep the artwork up with the rest of my Fall decor. I am SO happy with how it turned out! It is the perfect addition to my Halloween decor!

For more Halloween fun, check out these other projects!

Black Light Lemonade Halloween Wreath No Sew Owl Costume

I’ll Get You, My Pretty Halloween Printable and Giveaway!

I am excited to share a fun little group that I am in! I am in a monthly crafting group with some CRAZY talented women! Each month, we have a theme and we have to create something around that theme. I have been a slacker and haven’t participated in the group until this month. I am excited to start it up with them! Check out these amazing projects from all of them!

Designing, Dining, and Diapers Four Marrs, One Venus Smart School House 52 Mantels Bombshell Bling That's What Che Said Sweet C's Designs Crazy Little Projects Girl Loves Glam Giggles Galore The Cards We Drew Dimple Prints Image Map

Designing, Dining, and Diapers | Four Marrs, One Venus | Smart School House | 52 Mantels | Bombshell Bling | That’s What Che Said | Sweet C’s Designs | Crazy Little Projects | Girl Loves Glam | Giggles Galore | The Cards We Drew | Dimple Prints

I love the Wizard of Oz. Honestly, I love how totally weird it is. I love the underlying values that it teaches. I love it all. I wanted to bring a little Wizard of Oz into my Halloween decor because that Wicked Witch of the West is one sassy lady! She has some really awesome quotes too. Including the ever famous, “I’ll get you, my pretty and that little dog too!” I knew I wanted to bring that into my decor. I love the simplicity of this print and the little, faded witch hat too.

Wizard of Oz inspired Halloween Free Printable on #decor #halloween #picture

This printable is for personal use only! You can get it here.

Now for the other fun part… The folks at Martha Stewart wanted to get in on the fun Halloween action and share their most recent Halloween magazine, a pumpkin witch’s cauldron tutorial AND….an AWESOME giveaway of Martha Stewart Halloween crafts!

MS Halloween 2013 - cover image



Tools & Materials

• large pumpkin

• keyhole saw or serrated knife

• fleshing tool

• drill

• sisal rope

• 3 eyebolts, with washers and nuts

• 3 long, straight branches

• 20-gauge wire

• S hook

• outdoor stake light (with yellow or orange bulb)

• twigs

• sturdy glass bowl

• dry ice and protective gloves

  1. Cut top off pumpkin, using saw.
  2. Hollow out pumpkin with fleshing tool.
  3. Drill 3 equidistant holes about 2 inches below opening.
  4. Cut 3 lengths of rope to hang pumpkin.
  5. Tie 1 end of each rope to an eyebolt.
  6. Push eyebolts through holes in pumpkin; secure with washers and nuts.
  7. Prop branches in a tepee shape, and secure at top with wire; thread wire inside top to hang S hook.
  8. Hide visible wire with rope. Knot pumpkin’s rope ends together, and hang from S hook.
  9. For “fire”: Insert stake light into the ground, and cover it with twigs. For “mist”: Put glass bowl with dry ice inside pumpkin; add some water. (Wear gloves when handling dry ice.)


Keyhole saw,from $5.50; natural sisal rope (65495), 3/8 inches by 50 feet, $9; eyebolt with nut, 1/4 by 4 inches, $0.50; cut washer, 1/4 inches, $2.50 for 25, fleshing tool, $4.50, Panacea 20-gauge paddle wire in Green, $3.50, Thomas and Betts stake light, $8, dry ice, for locations.


Photo by Lucas Allen. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Halloween Special Issue. Copyright ©2013.

THE BEST PART?! Now we’re giving away some AWESOME BOO-TIFUL Martha Stewart Halloween goodies! Enter to win all the goodies in the image below simply by following these amazing blogs below via Pinterest. Enter in Rafflecopter to win!

The Great Martha Halloween Craft Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Halloween Sounds Free Printables

I am so excited to be part of the Cupcake Diaries Halloween series that is going on!

There have been some really fun ideas shared in the series that you really should check out. I will have a link to the posts at the bottom of this post if you want to catch up on what you have missed!
Today, I am sharing a few fun little printables that I made for my Halloween decor this year…
Halloween Sounds Free Printable on #halloween #decor #print
They are simple, but enough to make a fun little statement in your decor. On a side note, my husband thinks it is funny that the “boo” printable says “boob” when the two words are together. If your husband is more mature than mine, you might get away with using it in your house!
*All printables are for personal use only!*
Boo Free Printable #halloween #decor
Get your “Boo” free printable HERE.
Hiss Free Printable #decor #halloween
Get your “Hiss” free printable HERE.
Eek Free Printable #halloween #decor
Get your “Eek” free printable HERE.
Halloween Sounds Printables on #decor #diy #free
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts in the 30 Days of Halloween series!

Confetti Polka Dot Vinyl Wall Accents

I have been on a polka dot kick lately. My husband totally teases me about it too. I wear them basically all of the time and so does my daughter. I can’t help it! They are cute and totally in style right now! There were a few spots in my little girl’s room that needed an extra something. I didn’t know what that was until I saw some polka dot confetti. I was instantly inspired to add a few dots to her wall in bunches to give it that something it was missing before! Before you see pictures, I must apologize, her room has exactly ZERO natural light. Pictures are really hard to take in there, so of course it all looks tons better in person, but you get the idea…

DIY Polka Dot Confetti Wall via #decor #tutorial

You will need…

*Silhouette or Cricut

*Indoor vinyl (I used a glitter one too)

Making polka dots on Silhouette studio via #cameo #silhouette #vinyl

First, in Silhouette Studio, make several circles using the circle tool. Make them in many different sizes. Cut out these on each color of vinyl.

Gallery wall before

Find a wall that needs a little “something” and start adding dots to it! I recommend starting with a few of the bigger ones and then work around those with the smaller ones. Make it be a little random so that it looks more confetti like and less polka dot like.

Adding confetti polka dots to a gallery wall can be a perfect girly accent. Idea via #decor #polkadot #vinyl

It literally takes about 3 minutes to put these up on the wall and it adds to much to the space! I couldn’t get enough of these sweet little dots, so I had to take on another wall too.

Shelf area before

This wall is fine on its own but I felt like it needed to be glammed up a little bit with something girly and cute.

Polka dot confetti wall decor via #decor #polka #dot #vinyl

I think these confetti polka dots were just what the doctor ordered for my little girl’s room! Not only are they so easy and totally on trend right now, but they can easily be removed when we get sick of polka dots! Like that will ever happen…

Christmas Pop Art

You know how sometimes you are doing your everyday routine and then all of a sudden, BAM an idea comes and smacks you like a ton of bricks? This happened to me in October. I remember because I was at a store surrounded by Halloween decor. Right then, I thought of Christmas decor. Weird, I know, but that is just how my brain works! Months later, my brainchild came alive.
I love having decor that is unique to my family and that adds a little humor to our home. I wanted to create pop art style pictures from our three favorite Christmas movies. What better way to do that than by adding some of our favorite quotes from the movies too?! I emailed my friends at Poppyseed Projects and they hooked me up with the stuff I needed to make this project come to life.
Here’s what you need to make your own…
Vinyl (I only ended up using the red)
Poppyseed Projects photo texturizing cream
Vinyl cutter (I used my Silhouette Cameo)
Command Picture Hanging Strips
First, paint all of the plaques the color you want them to be. This took about 2 coats of paint.
Next, using your vinyl cutter, cut out the silhouettes of the characters that you want and the quotes that you want to add to them too. Put them onto your plaques. Paint the texturizing cream on over the top of the plaque to seal all of the vinyl onto the plaque and add a little texture to it.
Add the Command Strips to the backs of each of your plaques. I put two on the back of each of them. Hang them up where you want them to be! I love Command Strips because they let you hang things up without it being super permanent. You are done! It is a really simple project that makes a huge impact. 
Every time I walk by them, I can’t help but giggle. I love them! A short story about the quote we chose for the leg lamp… When Dave was a little kid, he watched A Christmas Story for the first time at his grandma’s house. When they get the leg lamp and the neighbor asks what it is and he turns and says “It’s a lamp you nincompoop!”, Dave fell off of his chair laughing because it was the first time he had heard that word. He wanted to have this quote on here badly and I let him! Now, we have the word “poop” in our Christmas decor. I love the quirk it brings to our decor. 
What quotes and movies would you use?
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Falling Leaves Door Decor Tutorial

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I am excited to share the newest addition to my Fall decor with you today, my door hanger. Not only is it so easy, but it is inexpensive too! You can’t go wrong with that.
You will need…
8 felt leaf place mats (I found mine at the dollar store!)
Burlap garland or ribbon
Ribbon (this will be hidden)
Hot glue or Tacky Glue
Spray starch
Flat iron
You are probably thinking, a flat iron?! Yes! I didn’t want the leaves to be totally flat against the door, so I decided to give them a little dimension. Just spray some starch on each of the leaves. Curl the edges of the leaves with your flat iron, by clamping down and curving the flat iron as you pull towards the edges.
Lay out your leaves how you want them to be and glue them together. I used hot glue because my door hanger isn’t actually outside. If it is going to be outside, I recommend using something like Tacky Glue.
Put a ribbon through the top of the leaves. I poked a hole in one, and laced the ribbon through the center slit on another leaf. Tie the ribbon in the back. This is how it will hang up on your door.
Make a giant bow out of your burlap ribbon or garland and glue it to the top of your leaves.
Hang it up and enjoy! I know that there are a lot of people out there who are celebrating Christmas early and putting up their Christmas decor right now, but I just can’t do it! I love Fall decor too much! Do you have Fall at your house or are you decorating for Christmas already?