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Summer Wellness

Summer Wellness

I am sharing #Ricola in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #SwissHerbs

I find myself looking forward to summer all year long. It is such a happy time of year! I find myself feeling sad during the winter months and really love how bright and warm it is during the summer. Because it is something that I look forward to all year, I try to spend my summers doing things that I love! We made a little summer list of things that we wanted to do and are working to get things checked off on that list.

Summertime Wellness on #swissherbs

Some of the items are as simple as just going on a family walk and others take a little more planning. Having a summer list helps keep our family happy all summer because we can always look for things to do! By allowing myself to go and experience life, I don’t have to worry about my depression sneaking up on me as easily as it does during the winter.

Summer Wellness on #swissherbs

To me, wellness means that your mind and body can work together to feel the best. That is exactly what I strive to do on a daily basis, but even more so during the summer months when I can be more active outside.

Ricola Original Herb Drops Summertime on #Swissherbs

I love the focus on wellness that Ricola® has as a company. They aim to spread wellness everywhere. They want everyone to feel comfort, happiness, and good health. Isn’t that what we all want?

Ricola Summertime on #swissherbs

So whether you have big summer vacation plans, small trips to the pool, or just quiet evenings in your backyard, I hope that your summer is full of wellness for you and your family. Remember that Ricola® Original Herb Drops can help aid in your summer wellness! You can learn more about their company by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.