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Simple, Purposeful, and Trustworthy

Simple, Purposeful, and Trustworthy

I am sharing NUTRO™ in my life as part of a NUTRO™ sponsored series.

Simple, purposeful, and trustworthy aren’t really words that you would typically associate with dog food. Most of the time when I would purchase food for my pooch, I would focus a lot more on what was convenient for me and less on what would be best for my dog.

It wasn’t until I made healthy changes for my own diet and I took a step back and realized that my dog was aging that I kind of had a wakeup call. I needed to be feeding my dog better than I had been.

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Our Sadie dog was our first baby and I want to keep her around for as long as we can. I want to do what I can to keep her healthy. That is why I really appreciate the work that Nutro puts into creating a product that I know I can trust, like the NUTRO™ Wholesome Essentials Healthy Weight dog food.

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NUTRO™ strives to create dog food that falls into three pillars. Those pillars are simple, purposeful, and trustworthy. They have simple ingredients, without artificial preservatives,  flavors, or colors. They strive to make dog food that is purposeful. Each ingredient in them is in them for a purpose. They aren’t adding filler ingredients that serve no real purpose. NUTRO™ is sure to source their ingredients from trustworthy farmers and suppliers. I love knowing that I can feel good about feeding my dog NUTRO™ dog food!

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Something as simple as changing dog food was a no brainer for me when it came to treating my dog. It made sense to me to give her food that I know is a healthy option for her. I wasn’t having to change any sort of schedule to try to get more exercise for her or anything. All I was doing was grabbing a new bag from the store. It is so simple! I feel really good about giving my dog food from a company that I know cares about taking care of my dog, almost as much as I do!

How do you show your dog that you care?