Shortlist Skincare Final Update

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I have really enjoyed sharing my little updates about my Shortlist Skincare journey. I have been using the Shortlist Cream and Shortlist Serum for roughly 3 months now and I have my final report!

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Before using Shortlist Skincare, my skin was feeling very dry. I would get random breakouts because my skin was so dry and it was so frustrating! My skin felt so tight and tired and it is completely refreshed! I wish I could show you pictures of my skin right now, but I just had permanent makeup done and it is in the process of healing and I can’t show you my skin when all you would focus on in a photo right now are my eyebrows! I will be sure to update this post with pictures of my skin once my eyebrows have healed!

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The Shortlist Serum worked hard to moisturize and repair my dry and damaged skin. I love that the Shortlist Serum energizes skin cells with moisture to make skin act and feel younger. I can definitely feel that. It also does a great job of preparing the skin for the retinoid cream.

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The Shortlist Cream seemed to work wonders on my poor skin. It rejuvenates skin by increasing surface cell turnover. I was actually kind of shocked over how much better my skin looks now than it did 2 months ago. I didn’t start with loads of fine lines and wrinkles, but I do feel like the Shortlist Cream has worked hard to diminish the look of the fine lines and wrinkles that I did have. I really appreciate that the Shortlist Cream only contains 9 ingredients. I have used products that were so full of random ingredients that were no good for my body and I’m so glad to be past that!

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Overall, I have been incredibly impressed with the Shortlist Skincare products. My skin feels youthful, rejuvenated, and I can’t wait to continue using them. Less is definitely more when it comes to the amount of ingredients I put on my skin and I am so excited about Shortlist!


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