Bright Pattern Gallery Wall Made of Scrap Wood

Woohoo! Can you even believe it? It is an update of the…
Covered Patio Makeover copy
Can I get a hallelujah? I can’t even wait to show you the beauty that is my enclosed porch, BUT you will have to wait for the big, bad, reveal next week! Until then, here is my new gallery wall. Yep. I’m obsessed.
Pattern Wall Gallery

Want to know the best part? I didn’t spend much money on this at all. The wood was ALL scrap wood in my garage, and I used cheapo paint. Don’t judge, just embrace. If you want to make a gallery wall like this, all you need is some scrap wood, metal picture hangers, paint, and lots of tape! First thing is first. Paint all of your wood pieces a solid color. I did mine in several different colors.

 Pattern Wall Gallery 1
Stripes, Sunburst, Lattice, and Geometric Prints
All four of these designs are created basically the same way. Think of the design you want to create. Make little pencil marks where you want the tape to go, and tape away! Paint in between the lines.
Pattern Wall Gallery 2
Chevron Stripes and Polka Dots
I used vinyl to achieve both of these looks. For the chevron, I cut out some zigzag strips and placed them on the board, equally apart. Then I painted in the free space. I will tell you this. When using vinyl as a stencil, it may be easier to use outdoor vinyl. The indoor vinyl doesn’t stick as well and the paint can bleed a little. For the polka dots, I cut out a polka dot pattern onto the vinyl. Instead of peeling off each individual dot, I peeled off the sheet with the missing dots. I didn’t have the same dimensions on my board as I did vinyl, so I cut up the vinyl and placed it where it needed to be on my board. I painted in the dots and peeled off the vinyl.
Pattern Wall Gallery 3
Ombre Chevron Print
This one is a bit trickier than the rest, but let’s face it. It rocks. After you paint your entire board the color you want to base your ombre look on, measure out how wide your board is. Make a little mark in the center so you know where the center of the board is. Now measure out how long your board is and divide it by how many sections you want to have. Go along the edges and mark where you want your stripes to be and in the center, make equally spaced marks at an angle for the center of the chevron. Go with a ruler and trace all of your lines. Put tape on your top line and paint it white. If you have a little of the original color showing through, that is ok because it will all flow anyway.
Pattern Wall Gallery 4
Now skip every other chevron stripe and tape the lines around them. Make a mental note of how dark you want each of your sections to be. For my ombre, I knew I wanted the look, but I wanted to use different tones too, so I had different containers of paint for my different shades. I only actually mixed color for one of the stripes. It gives it the ombre feel, without all of the mixing work. Paint the sections that you have taped off. Remember to leave a space for the original color that you painted your board.
Pattern Wall Gallery 5
Once your paint as dried, peel off the tape and tape your remaining sections. Paint those sections the appropriate colors. If you need to, mix two of the colors on either side of a section to create the perfect color for the stripe in between.
Pattern Wall Gallery 6
Let the paint dry, then peel off the tape. Isn’t it beautiful?!
Pattern Wall Gallery 7
I am so happy with how they all turned out. They each have an individual, unique look. I am also SO glad that I added the green to the mix. It needed another color in there to break things up. Green was just the color for that job. What one is your favorite?
The Chevron, The Ombre, The Geometric?
Pattern Wall Gallery 8
Or how about The Lattice or The Stripes?
pattern Wall Gallery 10
The Polka Dots or the Sunburst?
Pattern Wall Gallery 9
What one do you love MOST?
Pattern Wall Gallery

I link to these great parties here

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What WE Wore Wednesday: The Story of the Shoes

What We Wore 1
Me- Top: Forever 21 Vest: Maurices Jeans: DownEast Shoes: Gift Necklace: Some Boutique in Texas Ring: Charming Charlie
Harper- Top: Onesie with a little DIY makeover Jeggings: Children’s Place Headband: Gift Shoes: Gift
We have officially joined the “Matching Mom and Daughter” club. I think we can get away with having matching pants and shoes without looking overly planned.
What We Wore 2
I was so excited to see that Harper’s Nike Dunks would fit her. The length fits well, her feet are just a little on the chubby side, therefore she looks too cool for school and wears them undone. What this little girl doesn’t know, is that these shoes have a lot of meaning behind them. What We Wore 3
Long ago, when I was in beauty school, I saw a girl with some black and white Nike Dunks. I fell in love with them. The next week, my mom was in Washington DC and saw a pair just like the ones I had described. She got them for me. Flash forward to a few weeks later… I met a boy. We hung out the first night and he looked at me and said “Are those Nike Dunks?” I looked at his feet. He was wearing Nike Dunks too so I wasn’t sure why he was asking me if I was wearing them. Obviously I was. I replied, “Yeah” with a little attitude. He immediately thought I was a brat, but remembered that I must be freaking awesome if I was wearing those shoes. We always joked about how those shoes almost made it so we didn’t have a second date. We had the groomsmen wear Nike dunks at our wedding. We always say that my Nike Dunks need to be gold plated because of how much has happened in my life while I was wearing them. That is why it was appropriate when I got a phone call from my mom when she was on another vacation. We had just found out we were pregnant. We didn’t know what the gender was yet. My mom had found some black and white Nike Dunks for a baby. We had to have them.
What We Wore 4

Like momma, like baby.
A few things to mention that are a little off topic… 
What We Wore 5
I hit my lowest weight since having Harper! Woohoo! Only 3 more pounds before I am back to pre pregnancy weight. Celebration happening over here!
What We Wore 6
Secondly, can we all just take a moment and appreciate this little chunk in all of her squishy glory? The kissable cheeks and those super soft arms. Love them.
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10 Tips for Painting Stripes on Your Wall

So I gave you a little peek at how I spent my evening on Thursday. Instead of sleeping from 9pm-3am, I chose to paint stripes in my breakfast nook/dining area. I am in love with the results. While painting these stripes, I learned a few things.
Painting Stripes

1. Be picky about your stripes. Go though and measure out exactly where they need to be and be sure to trace out all of your lines with a straight edge before putting the tape on. This is SO worth the time it takes.

2. Consider the size and angles of your room. This can play a big role on what kind of stripes you should choose and how many of them you should have so that it isn’t overwhelming.
3. Use good tape! I cannot stress this enough. Nothing is more frustrating than bleeders!
Painting Stripes 2
4. Have leftover paint for both colors of your wall. Even if you have great tape, chances are you will need to do a few touch ups, especially if you are painting on highly textured walls like I was.
5. Have a wet cloth handy. Sometimes you get a little roller happy and go beyond the tape. Having a wet cloth handy takes away some of the “oh crap” moments when you are able to quickly wipe off the paint.
6. Choose colors that work with your home, but make a statement. My room was already painted Utterly Beige from Sherwin Williams. It works with the rest of my house. I am obsessed with Crushed Ice from Sherwin Williams and added that for my stripe color. Both of these colors have gray tones in them which really compliment each other.
7. Don’t drench your roller. Having a whole ton of paint on your roller only adds to the chances of getting bleed marks.
8. Let paint mostly dry, but don’t let it get bone dry before taking the tape off. This makes it a lot easier to go back with a wet cloth and wipe off any bleeding marks.
Painting Stripes 3
9. Use one solid piece of tape for a stripe on each wall. This helps keep the stripes as straight as they can be.
10. Have some good music to listen to. This may be a little unrelated, but my tunes were what kept me going at about 1:30 am when I knew that I still had a decent amount of work left to do, but my body was starting to wear out.
 Painted Stripes 2     Painted Stripes

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Yep. This just happened.


At 9 pm last night, I decided I wanted stripes on my walls. At 3 am, this morning, I did! It was a good note in an otherwise pretty crumby week that involved getting rear ended by an uninsured driver and shattering the screen on my iPad. I’ll tell you more about my pretty walls next week.

Oh ya, and before I go. Here’s a sneak peek at something else you get to look forward to next week. Yep. It may be my new favorite thing and it was CHEAP!


Have an awesome weekend!

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Romantic breakfast on the patio furniture

I know that it has been a while since you have had a covered patio update. That is because I am busy putting together the details! 2 of those…

The chairs. These babies were only $7 for both of them. Major thrift store score. But, they were freakin’ ugly.


With a little help from the hubby and a lot of spray paint, something amazing happened.


They went from drab, to totally fab! This isn’t where the furniture will stay, but speaking of my sweet husband, he surprised me with a romantic breakfast while using our new, pretty furniture on the back patio.


It was complete with french toast, grape juice, and raspberry yogurt parfaits.


I am a pretty lucky girl. He is back at school, working like crazy. I am going to miss our summer!

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New Pretty Chore List

I am sure that most of you have seen my organization board. It basically rocks my world. But not all things are perfect. That is why I needed to do a little tweaking… The chore list.
My first chore list came from Brown Paper Packages. I love it. BUT she is a little more clean than I am apparently. I just couldn’t keep up with some of her chores. Plus, the color of her chart clashed just enough with the green color that I chose, that it really drove me crazy. Enter my new list…
chorelistaquamine copy
I am offering this list that is customized for you over on my Etsy shop. If you would like this list customized to what you need, please go there to purchase. You can find that HERE.

SO much better! The color matches perfectly and the chores are ones that actually need done at my house. Who else is loving the new look? I can’t wait to do it this way! If you want to use this, just save the picture and print it off. Please only use this for personal use! This is still very much inspired by Brown Paper Packages and I can’t take any credit for the design, just the chores that I do!

Grasping Those Moments

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my To Do list. I have some seriously awesome things happening at the end of this month and I have had lots to do to get ready for it. Often times, I work on things that “need” to be done, while holding Harper, but I don’t give her the attention she deserves. A lot of time in the swing happened. I’m not proud of it.


Last night, this sweet baby girl and I were home while Dave was at football practice (he coaches a 4th grade little league team). I looked at Harper. Her big eyes. Her kissable cheeks. Her squishy arms and legs. Her sausage toes. I realized that I needed to put my To Do list aside for the evening and spend some quality time with Harper.


It was a really special night of reading books, tummy time, playing with toys, and cuddling. I wanted you to know where I have been these last few days. I have been “to doing”, but I will also be doing more playing with my sweet little girl too. I want you to all remember what is really important in life. Give your kiddos a squeeze.

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Ikea Expedit turned Laundry Organization Center

Laundry Center
I got to go to an amazing blogger event at Ikea! We were treated to breakfast and a little shopping spree too! I will admit, I spent more than that though. I think we all did. It was so fun to see Ikea’s new items in their showroom and to drool over their new catalog.
ikea trip
I left with a pillow, some containers for wrapping paper, an Expedit shelf, and some Skubb boxes to go in it. I had a big plan for the shelf… It was the answer to the catastrophe that was my laundry room.
Laundry Center Before 2Laundry Center Before
I didn’t have a spot to hang up my clothes as I washed them. This was a problem because a lot of Dave’s shirts have to be hung dry. The laundry stuff was always on the washer and dryer making it all look cluttered all of the time.
Laundry Center Supplies
You need…
Expedit shelf
Skubb boxes
Towel Bar
Vinyl words
So I failed as far as far as official tutorials go, but It was so easy to do! Simply build your Expedit shelf. Add the towel bar to the bottom of the shelf. Put the Skubb boxes together. Add vinyl lettering to the boxes. Hang up the shelf. The end!
Laundry Center 1Laundry Center 2
I am obsessed. This is the solution to my storage issues AND it keeps the laundry soap and pre wash out of the reach of kiddos. Big thanks to Ikea for a fabulous blogger meet up and the mini shopping spree! I actually look forward to laundry now that I get to use this beauty.
Laundry Center 3
I’m Linking…
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10 Handmade Teacher Gifts

10 Handmade Teacher Gifts copy

It is time for school to start again! My husband is starting another year of teaching and I came up with some really easy teacher gifts that you could give your child’s teacher to start out the school year in a great way! You can find all of these featured tutorials over on the Expressions Vinyl blog.

Labels for Expo Markers

expomarkerlabels3Do you need this? jar full of things students often need.


Inspirational quote for the classroom. Find out what quotes the teacher likes and bring it to life with vinyl.

Make the face of your teacher for them to really personalize their classroom.


Notes to the teacher dry erase board. This is a fun way for the students to communicate with their teacher without having to interupt class with questions.
Dry erase jumbo notebook paper. This is awesome to put on the teacher’s desk to save paper and keep notes in one place.
Name and grade level decal. Give their classroom a personal touch with their name and grade level to put on their door.


Personalized tie. My husband is very connected via Twitter so having a Twitter tie was perfect for him.

Classroom rules. Ask the teacher what the rules will be in the classroom and make a decal for the teacher to display the rules.
Recess stache. A funny play on words and a great little treat for the teacher.

DIY Blogger House

Is this real life? I freakin’ got to check out the amazing DIY Blogger House at a VIP party this week. If you are in the SLC area this weekend, you have GOT to check it out. Here are a few pictures from my night, and some of my favorite parts of the house…

The outdoor space- I absolutely love the floating daybed out on the patio. It is just beautiful. The architectural elements on the home were incredible too. I got cozy on the daybed with Ruthie and Staci and had plenty of laughs.


Rugs- Ok, I didn’t realize that I was obsessed with rugs until I got home and looked at my pictures. I took a million pictures of the rugs. they were fantastic.


Furniture- I could just die over how much I love the furniture in this house. The striped chairs, the green crib, the mismatched couch, Pac Man bed. I could go on for days.


Lighting- I loved all of the retro feeling lights that were throughout the house. The chandelier in one of the bedrooms almost makes it look like there is a design painted on the wall. A light in the pantry? One word. Genius.


The little details- I love the mirrors, the gorgeous sink in the mud room, the backsplash, and all of the tiny things that can be easily looked over.


I am so glad I was able to party it up with some of the most talented people I know and see all of the hard work that these guys have put into this DIY Blogger House.


Are you going to the Parade of Homes? If you won’t be around for it, check out the pictures and follow along on Twitter!


Hashtag #diybloggerhouse

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