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Legit Casual Winter Outfit

Legit Casual Winter Outfit

Photo Credit: Cliq Photography by Ann | Makeup by Raquel Lazalde at Retreat Day Spa in Ammon, Idaho

Too legit! Too legit to quit! (Imagine me fist pumping right now. Or maybe don’t cause I’m an awkward white girl)

You get where I am headed though…

Comfortable Winter Outfit on

The new year is upon us. I am choosing to take 2015 on head first. I have goals set and a new perspective on the way I am choosing to take this year on.

Winter Casual Outfit on

Sometimes I don’t have the confidence I wish that I had. I think we all go through that. We second guess ourselves or just don’t feel confident in our abilities. I love that this shirt reminds me that I am legit. It sounds cheesy, but it is true. It is a happy reminder that I actually know what I am doing and when I don’t, I can fake it til I make it. I am the real deal.

Easy to wear layered winter look on

This outfit has become a favorite of mine for a few reasons. I am always a fan of layers and this has just the right amount of layers with different textures and colors. I also love the cut of this shirt. It is the most comfortable, flattering shirt! It is more than just a t shirt. This is something that I would wear any day of the week. It is great for staying home, running errands, or even going to a casual get together with friends.

Winter Casual Outfit on

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy (similar)| Legit shirt: c/0 idiehdesign | Jeans: Bohme | Boots: Hunter | Bracelets: Amazon

Easy to wear winter outfit on

I am jumping into 2015 with a new attitude. I am taking this year by storm by setting goals I will meet and having full confidence in my abilities. How are you taking this year by the horns?