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How we are paying for our Disneyland vacation!

How we are paying for our Disneyland vacation!

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Guys! I am SO excited! We officially are going to Disneyland this Fall! I know that a lot of people go on Disney vacations, but this is a really big deal for my little family. It will be the first time that Dave and Harper will have been. I haven’t been to Disneyland since they had California Adventure, so it has been a while for me too. At the age that my daughter is at right now, she is obsessed with all things Disney and I just couldn’t wait any longer to go. We have been wanting to go for a while, but just couldn’t find the way to save up to go. Even since we moved and Dave has a higher paying job, saving up to go seemed like quite the task. Any time we have extra money saved up, it is just SO dang tempting to spend that money! We are no good at saving up for things. But, we have finally found a way to save up for Disneyland that will actually work for us! Here is how we are paying for our Disneyland vacation!

How we are paying for our Disneyland vacation on

We live in Idaho. Driving to Anaheim would be an option for us, but since there are only three of us we decided that we are going to fly to Disneyland this time. Once we get more kids, we will probably have to drive so we decided to do it this way this time. We are saving on flights because we chose to sign up for a rewards credit card that will be paying for the flights for us. I know that rewards credit cards change all of the time, but right now the best option for us was to sign up for the Southwest credit card. It has a $69 sign up fee, but if you spend $1000 on it in the first three months, we can earn enough miles to get one round trip ticket and a one way ticket for us. Since Dave and I are both doing this, that will get all three of us there and back for $138 ($69 fee x 2) and an additional small fee to actually use the points. I think that fee is $50 or less though. It does cost us money, but it will end up saving us a lot of money for those flights. The great thing about booking through Southwest is that they don’t charge for your bags. Other airlines are charging SO much for bags right now and we will want to come home with souvenirs! I would definitely recommend looking into the Southwest credit card option. We are using the credit cards on normal things we would typically use cash on, like gas, groceries, etc. That way, we can just pay it all off each month and not have to worry about creating debt.

Another way that we are saving for our trip is by using Get Away Today for our tickets (and most likely our hotel as well). They do great deals on their Disneyland tickets, so that you are sure you are getting them for a good price. What stands out about Get Away Today though, is that they have a LAYAWAY PLAN! This was seriously the game changer for us. If we don’t have the money just sitting there, we won’t be tempted to spend it! We can pay a little each month, just like any other bills we have and we can get it all paid for before our trip! For us, we don’t have the exact dates we are going worked out yet, but we knew we wanted to hop on and get the tickets when they were having a good deal on them so we got the tickets on layaway. I was curious if we could add a hotel later, and they said we could! You can add your hotel stay onto that layaway plan and just pay it each month and get it all paid for before your trip and you don’t have to worry about the lump sum of cash sitting in your savings account that is tempting you to go on a giant shopping spree. I highly, highly recommend using Get Away Today! I loved them so much, I even signed up as an affiliate. If you use the links that I have above, you can help me out to get more of my trip paid for, and I would greatly appreciate it. If you call them to book your vacation, would you please tell them that you learned about them through my blog post? I would SO appreciate it! Get Away Today is also offering the readers of Girl Loves Glam a promo code to save $10 on your Southern California vacation. If you use the promo code GLG15, you can save yourself some money!

A great thing about going to Disneyland this year, is that it is Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary! They are pulling out all of the Disney magic to celebrate too! I think it will be such a special time to take my little family. Get Away Today also has some awesome articles they have written about the 60th Anniversary events happening too. Just another reason to love Get Away Today. They are totally willing to share all of their Disneyland secrets! You can check out those posts HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

As I learn more about ways to save on my Disneyland trip, I will either update this post, or add another blog post and link to it on this one so that you can stay informed. If you have any ways that you would like to share that you have saved on your Disneyland trips, please share them in the comments!

Susanne McBride

Saturday 20th of June 2015

Every couple of weeks I go to and sign in and go to the Disney Store. You can purchase gift cards AND get a rebate at the same time. This is my way of saving for "THE" happiest place on earth!


Friday 22nd of May 2015

It just so happens that I need to purchase park tickets and would love to take advantage of your offer code. Do you know if it should work if I am just purchasing park tickets? I tried it and it won't work for me.


Friday 22nd of May 2015

I would recommend calling them and doing it that way. That way you can make sure they can get it all taken care of you correctly!