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My Health Journey Must Haves

My Health Journey Must Haves

When I decided it was time for me to step it up and get healthy, I knew I needed to be equipped with all of the right gear too. I want to share with you a few of my must haves in order to stay on the healthy path.

Five Must Have Items to Support Your Health Journey

Eat Green Tea Leaves– Guys. These are life changing. Life changing I tell ya! So I don’t like the taste of green tea at all, but I wanted to get green tea into my system somehow because it helps support a healthy metabolism and gives you natural energy. My friend, Andie showed me these green tea leaves that are edible. I add them to my protein shakes in the morning and they make a HUGE difference. I put one teaspoon in each of my protein shakes. Each bag is $25, but they last forever if you are only using one or two teaspoons a day.

Bulu Box– If you haven’t heard of Bulu Box, you need to sign up now! It is the coolest thing ever. It is a box you sign up to get each month that is packed full of awesome, healthy items. I have gotten protein pancake mix, vitamins, and even hummus in my box! I love that Bulu Box can get me out of the health ruts that I get into by getting me excited about new products to try each month. They are offering my readers 50% off your boxes or your first month for free if you use coupon code: BULUGAN698

Polar FT4 Watch– I love this watch. I finally feel like I can accurately track how many calories I am burning during my workouts. This watch tracks my heart rate and tells me when I am in the zone to burn the most fat too. It is a seriously amazing watch. It was a fabulous investment for me. I got mine on Amazon. I linked up the title of this section with the link to where I got mine.

Pinterest– I know that sounds silly, but Pinterest has totally helped me stay on track. There are so many great, clean recipes out there on Pinterest. I love trying out new recipes that are healthy, but are also foods that my family will eat. Pinterest has helped me do that. I will be pinning a lot more healthy food options too so make sure you are following me on Pinterest.

Blendtec Blender– You probably already know this, but I am obsessed with my blender. There is no way I could survive without it. I have been able to create so many healthy snacks with my blender that I wouldn’t have been able to create before. This thing can make so many different textures it blows my mind. There is so much power packed into that little machine! If you want to go on a health journey of your own, you need a Blendtec.

This week, I started the Beach Body 21 Day Fix. It has been really good for me to do, but also one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have come to the realization that I am a serious sugar addict! Although I am not perfect with my eating everyday, I am proud to know that I am getting better and better as I go. I would love to hear about your health journey. How do you stay on track? What items help keep you motivated?



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Monday 21st of April 2014

haven't heard of the green tea leaves, are they caffeinated? great list!