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Vinyl Organization Hack

Vinyl Organization Hack

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I always love hearing about life hacks that people use. I also LOVE seeing how people organize things in their lives and I wanted to share an easy hack with you! I have tried lots of ways to organize my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl over the years, but once I found a way that worked for me, I have stuck with it ever since. It has been 6 years and I am still using this method, so it must be a winner!

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Yes, you saw that right! I use formula cans to organize my vinyl! These aren’t formula cans from my baby. These are formula cans from my 6 year old! I have used this method for THAT long!

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Expressions Vinyl has so many different types of vinyl and colors to choose from, that I was having a hard time organizing them all. This method has been the best solution for me. I keep all of my heat transfer vinyl together, my transfer tape together, and other specialty vinyl together. Beyond that, I organize by color. I used to have them organized by color AND if they were indoor or outdoor, but that was just way too many formula cans to deal with.

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I have tested out a few different ways of keeping my vinyl organized in the formula cans and have finally found the best way for me is to keep things separate, but not so many that I am overwhelmed and can’t find the vinyl I am looking for. I now have about 10 cans that I use to keep my entire vinyl collection organized. It truly has been an awesome system!

So, if you are looking for a way to organize vinyl, don’t throw those formula cans away! If you don’t have a baby, ask your friends on social media if you can recycle their used formula cans for them. You are recycling and creating a great storage solution for your vinyl at the same time!