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Taking time for self-care can help you feel happier and healthier. A bath is a great way to show up for yourself and rejuvenate your energy. You deserve the best so spice up your bath with a fizzy homemade bath bomb. These bath bombs are sure to bring more excitement to your everyday hygiene and self-care routine. Who needs to pay for a spa when you can create your own stay-at-home-spa? Pamper yourself with an invigorating way. Just imagine if your bath water turned blood orange with Girl Loves Glam’s blood bath bomb recipe. Here you can find many Girl Loves Glam recipes for bath bombs you can make from home. Whether you need relief from sinuses, allergies, headaches or just a long day, Girl Loves Glam has a relaxing recipe just for you. Pick your favorite scents such as lavender or vanilla to help you ease the stress of your day. If you need a wake me up try citrus or mint scented bath bomb recipes. Essential oils help to feel your bathroom with a pleasant aroma while you soak. Detox recipes are also helpful to relieve your body from toxins and relax sore muscles. Children bath bombs can help your child feel excited to take a bath. There are bath bombs for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and more. If you need some gift ideas these recipes are great for mothers just check out “Spa Inspired Mother’s Day Gift ideas. Great for friends, family and teacher gifts.