Instagram Photo Christmas Advent Calendar

Instagram Photo Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year is extra special because it is my daughter’s second Christmas. It is the first year that she is noticing all of the beauty around her that Christmas brings. She loves the lights, the glitter, and the music. She is also starting to learn how to count and loves looking at numbers. I thought that by bringing an interactive advent calendar for our family this season would be the perfect way to help her count and celebrate the fun that we have had all year! Because the advent calendar has 12 days, I tried choosing one photo for each month of the year. It is fun to see what fun memories we have from this year. I chose to have the numbers count up instead of counting down because I am trying to teach my daughter how to count. It was so easy to make! Here is what you need to make your own…

Instagram photo craft

*Picture frame

*12 pictures printed from Instagram. I printed mine from the Printicular app that sends the images to Walgreens to be printed.

*Paper to go in the picture frame

*Paper for the backs of the photos

*Marker. I used a silver Sharpie paint pen.

*Mini clothes pins

*Baker’s twine

Instagram photo Christmas craft

Glue the pictures onto the paper and cut them out. Put paper in the picture frame.

Christmas Advent Calendar Craft

Write the  numbers on the back of the paper.

DIY Instagram Christmas Advent Calendar

Put baker’s twine on the frame and tape the ends on the back of the frame. Clip the pictures onto the twine with the numbers facing forward. Now hang it up and enjoy! I can’t wait to start using it!

Gift Ideas for Baby’s Second Christmas

 Christmas shopping for my daughter has been a lot of fun this year, but it can be hard to find her gifts that are a little more worth while, and not all just fun little knickknacks that she would like for a little bit and then forget about. When I was asked to collaborate with, I knew it would be the perfect place to find great Christmas gifts for baby’s first AND second Christmas! Since my daughter will be celebrating her second Christmas this year, I decided to compile a collection of items that I know she would love and I know would be a little more worth while!

Gift Ideas for Baby's Second Christmas

I was so impressed with and their high quality selection. They are shipping from the UK, but their prices are pretty reasonable, so paying the shipping on top of that isn’t too bad.

Baby's Second Christmas
Aren’t they all great? I can’t get over how cute that little bug to ride on is! It is darling! Those wooden toys are super cute too! When I was browsing, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these items too. They wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for baby’s second Christmas, but I just HAD to share!
Baby's First Christmas
What are you getting your kids for Christmas?
This post was a collaboration with, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Must Have Holiday Sweaters

I am obsessed with sweaters when it starts getting cold outside. I am also obsessed with finding new shops that I love! I recently found a shop called She Inside that I am LOVING! I almost didn’t want to share this with you because I want it to be my little secret! While I was browsing through some of their sweaters over the weekend, I thought I should probably share my favorites with you so you can get them to wear to all of your upcoming holiday parties! This isn’t a sponsored post. I just want to share some of my favorite sweaters and sweater trends with you fashionistas!

Must Have Holiday Sweaters

Aren’t they all fabulous?! I love the geometric and Aztec patterns that are so popular right now, but I love the other colors besides just black and white that are now becoming available! I absolutely adore faux leather accents on holiday sweaters too! Can we all just agree that these are all amazing?!

What sweater trends are you totally crushing over right now?

Once again, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just want to show you the trends I’m crushing over.

Your New Favorite Blog: Minted’s Julep

I’m sure you have all probably heard by now about Minted. It is this awesome website where you can get custom business cards, wedding decor, artwork, and holiday cards too! I love their modern, clean designs. Their holiday cards are totally amazing right now, so you need to check them out for sure for your holiday cards this year! I absolutely love the one that looks like an info graphic! Instead of having a long family newsletter, you can put all of the basics about your year in an info graphic instead! That is just one of the many amazing designs they offer.

Minted Holiday Cards

I am so excited because I will be getting my new business cards from them! If you see me next year, you need to ask me for one because they will be pretty amazing.

This isn’t the only reason why I love Minted though. I think I have found my new favorite blog to read… Julep! It is full of great indie designed products and amazing DIY projects! One of my favorites is this scratch off activity advent calendar for Christmas!

Minted Julip Scratch Advent Calendar

I think it is the cutest idea! I love advent calendars!

Take a look at their blog and tell me what your favorite post is on there!

Holiday Party Makeup Look

Holiday Party Makeup Look on #makeup #beauty #tutorial

Let the holiday parties begin! It is fun to dress up a little for holiday parties and it is time to have a perfect makeup look to go with your gorgeous holiday look! Adding the perfect makeup can bring your entire look to the next level. It can make you feel fabulously confident so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your holiday fun!

I was given some Younique makeup to create this holiday makeup look by cute AnnieMarie of Cozy Couture Boutique. I am obsessed with these products! They are really high quality and they are jam packed with pigments so the color turned out just as vibrantly as I hoped they would. The makeup also stayed on all day long with the help of the amazing primer too!

Younique makeup Holiday Look

I used…

Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Moonstruck Minerals Pigment Powder in Infatuated, Heartbroken, Curious, and Gorgeous

Moonstruck Minerals Blusher in Seductive

The Moonstruck Glorious Face and Eye Primer

Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick

I am totally obsessed with these products! I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am by the quality of these Younique products. For the price, they are completely affordable and are a great deal! When I created my holiday look, I used my own foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and an additional red lipstick color that is totally optional depending on how bright you want your lips to be.

Now for creating the look…

For your facial makeup:

1. Apply moisturizer

2. Apply primer to your entire face. I used the Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer. It’s totally amazing.

3. Put your foundation on.

4. Put blush on the apples of your cheeks. I used the Younique Minerals Blusher in Seductive. For this look, I didn’t do any other facial contouring because I like to keep the face looking more naturally colored during the winter. Because there isn’t much sunlight to get tan, I stayed away from the bronzer. I wanted it to look like my cheeks had gotten a little rosy from the cold weather. When you use the Younique blush, be sure to put a little on your brush and then tap most of it off onto your hand. The pigments are so powerful, you can get too much on your brush pretty easily.

5. Pencil in your eyebrows.

For the eyes:

Holiday Party Eye Makeup

1. Apply eye primer to the entire eyelid. I used the Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer.

2. Brush the dark brown eye shadow in the crease of your eyelid from the outside edge of your eye in about halfway across your eye. I used the Younique Infatuated color.

3. Brush the reddish pink colored eye shadow below the dark brown eye shadow. Brush it from the crease down to the lash line. I used the Younique Heartbroken color. This is one color you won’t find anywhere else. I’m obsessed with this color!

4. Brush the gold colored eye shadow from the inside edge of the eye into the previous two colors. Brush from the crease down to the lash line. I used the Younique Gorgeous color. This is another color I haven’t really seen before. It is SO gold. It is really beautiful!

5. Brush the gold colored eye shadow under the bottom eyelashes along the lash line.

6. Apply cream or white eye shadow from the crease up to the eyebrow. Brush into the previous colors just a little bit so you can blend them together. I used the Younique Curious color.

7. Apply a thick line of dark eyeliner. come out a little past your eyelid so you can create a small cat eye effect.

8. Finish of the eyes with some mascara. I used the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes. This isn’t just any mascara! This is kind of like wearing false eyelashes, without all of the hassle of applying false eyelashes. It is just two different tubes that look like mascara tubes that you use to create the perfect eyelashes.

For the lips:

1. Put some pink or red lipstick. This is optional depending on how bright you want your lips to be. I used a red Kat Von D lipstick and then kissed most of it off onto a tissue. I just wanted to add a bright color, but didn’t want it to be overwhelming.

2. Apply lip gloss on top of the lipstick. I used the Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick. Adding the lip gloss helps make your lips look fuller and more glamorous for your party!

Easy Holiday Party Makeup Look

Now it is time to go knock the socks off of all of those party goers!

Be sure to go like Cozy Couture Boutique on Facebook to get more details about ordering these Younique products and to see all of the other cute stuff AnnaMarie has! She has some great deals going on right now! The Younique eye shadow pigments are $10 each or 4 for $35! These pigments will last you a very long time too! The pigment is so high in them that you don’t have to use very much each time you apply it. She is also offering free boot socks with any purchase over $20! Holla! Perfect Christmas gifts!

Don’t forget to get my book, The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup for your Christmas gifts too!

I was compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I really do love these products!

Studio 5 Christmas Segment

Some of you may have seen my last Studio 5 appearance, but if you have not, I will catch you up! I got to go on Studio 5 and talk about my non traditional Christmas colors and how to bring non traditional colors into your home easily. You can watch my segment here.
It is always so fun to be part of their show. They are so sweet and willing to help with anything! It was also really fun to bring along a sidekick to help me behind the scenes too. I had my friend Aleisha come along and help me set up and just make me laugh. She is a hoot! You really should go check out her blog. She is the cutest.
It is such an incredible experience to see how far my little ol’ blog has taken me in the last year. It was just about a year ago that I really decided to take blogging a little more seriously. I can’t thank all of you enough for the kind words, encouragement, and the support that I have received. Thank you over and over again!

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Dressed Up No Sew Stockings

Nothing like waiting for the last minute, right? Well, my stockings are finally hung with care!
I don’t have a “real” tutorial for you because there really isn’t anything that I feel like I need to show you how to do. I will tell you a little about how I made these lovelies. 
Argyle Stocking
Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Argyle image
Hot glue
Cut out the felt in the shape of a stocking. You need 2 of those for the front and the back of the stocking. Cut out a small strip for the hanger. Cut out the argyle pattern using 3 different colors of vinyl. Iron on the argyle pattern onto the felt. Glue the felt pieces together to make your stocking. Told ya it was easy.
Houndstooth Stocking

Iron on vinyl (mine is silver)
Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Houndstooth image
Hot glue

Cut out the felt in the shape of a stocking. You need 2 of those for the front and the back of the stocking. Cut out a small strip for the hanger. Cut out the houndstooth pattern onto the vinyl. Iron the vinyl onto one of the felt pieces. Glue the stocking pieces together and you are done!
Floral Stocking

Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Floral Background image
Hot glue
Cut out the felt in the shape of a stocking. You need 2 of those for the front and the back of the stocking. Cut out a small strip for the hanger. Cut the floral image out onto your vinyl. Iron the vinyl onto one of your pieces of felt. Glue the stocking pieces together. Ta Da!
For the ornament toppers, I got plastic ornaments at the craft store and cut out vinyl with our initials on them to stick on. I tied them with a little bow and called it good! I also love the new clear Command Strips that they just came out with because you can barely see the hangers that these are hanging on in person. I really should be sponsored by Command Strips. I have a slight addition to their products. 
I love how simple and easy this project was. It really brings a lot of flair to our Christmas decor and I love that they reflect our personalities!
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Christmas Subway Art Table Runner

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations at my house. It is so easy to make and could make a fabulous gift too! Here is what you need to make your Christmas table runner…
Fabric (length that you need for the table you are using. Mine is just over a yard)
Flocked iron on vinyl. I got mine from Expressions Vinyl  (length of table runner. I used two white 12×24 sheets)
Multi Use Paper Sheet that I also got from from Expressions Vinyl 
Silhouette or Cricut
sewing machine
First, you need to create your subway art. A tip for making subway art, type the words you want to use, then change the font of a few of your words, turn some horizontal and some vertical. Start from the top left corner and work your way over and down the page fitting the words like a puzzle.
With mine, I did 12 inches at a time. The first 12 inches are religious Christmas words, and the second 12 inches are festive Christmas words.
With iron on vinyl, you want to flip your images so that they end up showing on the right side. When using Sure Cuts a Lot 2, you can highlight all of your words, group them together, then flip the entire image.
Next, you need to cut your vinyl. When you cut it, put the shiny side down so that they actual vinyl gets cut. The shiny side will work as your “transfer paper”. After the vinyl is cut, peel off the excess vinyl, leaving the words behind, sticking to the shiny “transfer paper”. I found that it was easiest to peel a little off at a time, cutting off the excess vinyl as I went.
For the table runner itself, cut the fabric to the length you need and cut the width to about 25-26 inches. Wash and dry the fabric. Don’t use fabric softeners though. The vinyl sticks best when the fabric has been washed, but won’t stick well when fabric softeners are used.
With right sides together, sew edges of fabric together. Don’t sew the last 5 inches of one corner. You will use this to flip the runner in the right direction.
Flip your fabric right side out. Iron your runner, especially the corners and edges. Handstitch the corner that was left open.
Place your vinyl on your runner, with the shiny side facing up. Be sure it is straight!
Place the multi use paper on top of the vinyl. Put your iron on the “cotton” setting and iron on top of your multi use paper. Use a lot of pressure and get the heat on all of the vinyl for about 15 seconds. After the vinyl has cooled down, peel off shiny transfer paper. If it starts peeling off the letter, put multi use paper back on top of it and iron again. This will get it to stick eventually! The multi use paper is used to protect the vinyl, especially after you have peeled off the transfer paper on the vinyl around where you are ironing.
After you have ironed on your first sheet, line up your next sheet of vinyl and repeat! When I got to the bottom of my runner, I was going to have to cut some of the words in half. I just cut the words off, and used some of the excess vinyl that was too long for the runner. I just did a little cutting and pasting and you can’t even tell!
Now you are done! You will get so many compliments on this unique decoration.

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Christmas Faux Mantel Vignette & Free Printable

This year for my Christmas decor, I decided to take a chance and go with some not so traditional colors. There are a lot of them, so brace yourself! They are Mint, Navy, Charcoal, Gold, Red, and White. Yummy, huh? I think that when I told people that these were my colors, they were a little thrown off and sometimes it had me a little worried. Once it all came together, I can honestly say I am SO glad I went with some trendy colors instead of traditional. The great part about doing these colors, is I brought in the more trendy colors with pieces that can easily be removed next year. 
 Isn’t it just so fun? Let’s look at the details a little more closely shall we?
On the bottom, I have a few of our old Christmas pictures from years past, my bronze statue of Christ, a mason jar full of ornaments, and a few painted pine cones.
Moving up a shelf, we have another old Christmas picture, my dollar store owl I painted, a jar full of pine cones and ornaments, a bead covered tree cone, and my newest printable! I am a huge fan of herringbone right now and I really wanted to bring in that pattern into my decor. Feel free to print your own, but please only use it for personal use and give credit when used online.
Lastly, we have the top shelf. This is where all of the elements seem to come together. The felt snowflake garland and felt snowflake place mat came from Pier One after Christmas last year. The red tree cones were hand me down decorations from my mom. 
The wreath was SO easy to make and I love the finished result. It is even in my new favorite metallic color, gilver! If any of you have ever watched The Rachel Zoe Project, you know exactly what color I am talking about. It is a pretty combination of gold and silver. I love it because it matches everything. I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath in burlap, then glued sprigs from a gilver floral bunch I found at JoAnn’s Fabric.
I loved being able to use my vintage blue mason jar. This is actually the perfect mint color too! I filled it up with red and charcoal colored ornaments. I made a mint ruffled tree cone with the same basic technique I used while making my No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt, SO easy!
Painting the pine cones was a great way to bring in some natural elements into the decor and to bring in little splashes of color too. This is a great way to bring in more trendy colors that probably won’t be part of my decor next year because it is easy and inexpensive. I have been really into glitter this year too so I glittered up a gold tree cone too!
How do you think it call came together? What are the colors of your Christmas decor this year?
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Christmas Candy Drum Neighbor Gift + Free Printable

I am excited to be participating in the My Sister’s Suitcase 12 Days of Christmas! There have been some really incredible projects that have represented each of the 12 days.
 I am the closer for the game so I got to create a project inspired by 12 Drummer’s Drumming! Although I can’t sing or play any instrument for the life of me, I can really appreciate music, especially Christmas music. I decided to create a neighbor gift inspired by the 12 Drummer’s Drumming.
 Neighbor gifts are so dang hard sometimes, but giving them a little Christmas drum filled with candy would be the perfect way to help your neighbors power through the holiday season. Here’s what you need to make your own…
*Paint can container (I found mine in the dollar section at Target)
*Glue Gun
First, take the handles off of your containers. They are now drums, not paint cans!
Cut your paper to the same height as your can. Stick the paper inside of your can to line it. Tape the ends of the paper together on the inside.
Put a little dot of hot glue on the can and put your ribbon on it. Do this on the top and the bottom of the can to create a zigzag design on the can. 
Go around 2 times so that your zigzags overlap and create an X pattern on your drum.
Fill your drums up with candy!
Print off the printable tag for your drums.
Glue the tag onto your drum, front and center.
Now you have a cute, inexpensive gift to share with your friends, neighbors, or coworkers that takes little time and effort. That is my kind of gifting! 
Go check out the other awesome projects that were inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas!    

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