Vinyl Ornament Advent Calendar

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Christmas time is quickly coming upon us. I can’t believe it almost time to start pulling out the jingle bells and holly berry. I am excited to celebrate this year with my baby who will be experiencing it for the first time. I wanted to come up with a decor item that could double as an activity for her as well, so I made an advent calendar!

This was so easy to make and it brings some bling into your holiday decor! You will need…
*Glitter vinyl in red and blue
*Indoor vinyl in red and green
*Vinyl cutter
*Mod Podge or glitter glue
*Twine or ribbon
*Paint brush
*Plastic ornaments (I found mine at Michael’s)
First, I painted my picture frame. After it was dry, I painted Mod Podge onto it and dumped my glitter on top. Be sure to put paper underneath so you can reuse your glitter. Be prepared to make a big, fat mess.
Measure the size you need the numbers to be on your ornaments. I wanted mine to be alternating colors with the days so I cut out odd numbers in one color, along with a few circles for polka dots. I used the glitter vinyl for all of my numbers.
Then, I cut out the even numbers and more polka dots in the other color of glitter vinyl.
I cut out polka dots in the two remaining colors of vinyl to add to my ornaments.
I peeled off each number and stuck it onto the ornaments, along with 5 of the polka dots in different colors to add some flavor.
Turn the picture frame so that the front part is laying down. Cut twine in different lengths to hang your ornaments with and tape them in place. I didn’t tape them in order of the days because I wanted it to be kind of a hunt for the number each day.
Repeat that step for all 12 of your ornaments and hang up the frame! I love how it turned out. I think it would be really cute to add treats or love notes in them for your kids or spouse to read everyday.

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Winner of our Giveaway! And cupcake tutorial!

Well first of all, I have to say I am sorry about bailing on you yesterday! It ended up being a little bit nuts! We found our dream house! Today we are going to put an offer on it! Wish us luck! So here is the moment you all have been waiting for. The winner of our EveryPrettyThing giveaway is…
#9 DotheTwist 
Congrats! I am totally jealous! Please email me at artistrybymckenzieg(at) and let me know what your address is so that you can get your cute pillow!
Because you didn’t get a post yesterday, you get 2 posts today! Right now, you get a tutorial! I made the cutest cupcakes yesterday! Here they are!
Rudolf the Rednosed Cupcake
They were a huge hit at our family Christmas party last night, and were so easy to make. Make them for your Christmas parties coming up! Here is what you will need…
*Mini Oreos
*Pretzel twists
*Chocolate chips
*Chocolate cake mix
*Chocolate frosting
*Black decorating gel
*Christmas M&Ms
*Cupcake baking cups
Step 1: Bake the cupcakes as directed on the cake mix box. Let the cupcakes cool
Step 2: While your cupcakes are cooling prepare your pretzels. Snap pretzels in 1/2 then snap the tops off of them. This will make them look like little antlers. Put them on a plate and set them aside.
Step 3: Separate the Oreos and keep the halves with the cream on them. Set aside.
Step 4: Frost your cupcakes once they have cooled. I used the Betty Crocker Whipped Chocolate. It goes on so well! I would suggest using the whipped kind.
Step 5: Put 2 Oreo halves on each cupcake towards the top. They will be the reindeer eyes.
Step 6: Use the decorating gel to make the reindeer mouth. Make a “J” shape and then a backwards “J” to create a mouth shape.
Step 7: Put a chocolate chip on each Oreo to finish the eyes.
Step 8: Put a red M&M in the center of the cupcake at the top of the mouth. This is your red reindeer nose!
Step 9: Now you get to add the antlers! Poke 2 pretzels into the top of the cupcake and you have a completed reindeer!
Aren’t they so cute?
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Jingle all the Way Wreath TUTORIAL!

Just as I promised, here is your first “gift” of Christmas! A new tutorial!
 Isn’t it so cute? Let’s get started.
 Sorry, my next instructions are a little tough to read, so I will just tell you again… Cut satin in long strips that are about 2 1/2 inches wide.
Step 2:
Step 3:
 Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:
Step 7:
Step 8:
Step 9:
Ta-dah! You are done!
After I finished this wreath, I had it sitting next to the doorway. My hubby walked in and litterally gasped and said “Woah! Do we get to keep this?” I had been making lots of things to sell at the open houses I had coming up. He was impressed! That is even coming from a “Manly Man”. It must be pretty breathtaking!
Happy Crafting!
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