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Beauty Myths You May Have Been Believing!

Beauty Myths You May Have Been Believing!

There are SO many beauty myths out there. When I worked in salons, I would hear them constantly. I feel like I still hear them pretty much all of the time in the comments of blog posts, videos, and other blogger content. I compiled some of the most common beauty myths that I have heard and I am sharing them with you in my newest video. I busted and confirmed several myths that may surprise you!

Beauty Myths You May Have Been Believing on

Now it is time to gear up and see what myths are busted! You can learn all about them in my video below.

Did we bust some myths you had been believing? I would love to hear more of the myths that you have heard too!

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Nat & Holly

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

Haha, the non-shaved armpits! EW! These are awesome mythbusters! I'm guilty of the oily skin thing :)