Autumn Scavenger Hunt Preschool Activity


By now, you have probably noticed that we really love doing simple scavenger hunts around here! I think they are a great way to let toddlers and preschool aged children take a moment to really pay attention to the world around them. My daughter loves doing hunts with me, so I continue to make them for each season. It is another reason for us to go “hunting” together! These are perfect for preschool or joy school settings as well.

To add to the collection, now there is an Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt Preschool Activity on

You can download your very own Autumn hunt to do with your child too.

Autumn Hunt Printable

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  1. Amber Koogler says

    Love this! It will be a perfect preschool activity!

  2. That is so cute! I should try it with my little cousins. 🙂

  3. So cute and simple! Perfect for the little ones!


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