How to Cut Your Own Split Ends

There are a few reasons why I am excited about today’s post. One, is that I have been wanting to share with all of you how you can cut your own split ends at home! The second reason that I am so excited about this post… There is a video too! This video is the beginning of MANY videos that will start making their way to my blog. There will be coming almost every Monday! There are just some things that are better said (or taught) through a video! I can’t wait to share more with you through the power of YouTube!

First up in my brand new YouTube channel is… How to Cut Your Own Split Ends!

How to cut your own split ends on #beauty #hair #tutorial

 I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I am probably one of the few cosmetologists who doesn’t ever cut her own hair. I don’t like that kind of pressure! I would much rather let someone else cut my hair for me. When it comes to split ends though, I cut those off happily. By cutting your own split ends, you can go a little longer in between haircuts or just make sure that your hair is in tip top shape all of the time. Cutting my own split ends is really my biggest secret to having healthy, beautiful hair! And guess what? It isn’t hard to do at all! In fact, it is easy enough that any of you can do it! All you need is a pair of scissors.

First, I will show you my brand new video! After the video, I will have the instructions written out too so you can see them or print them off.

So, what did you think? Did that make you excited for more videos coming your way? I hope so! I will continue to master my video editing skills too. I can’t wait for this to all evolve.

Now for the written portion of the tutorial. Here is how I cut my own split ends.

How to cut your own dead ends on #beauty #tutorial #hair

1. Take a section of your hair.

2. Lace your fingers through your hair. Pointer finger on the top, middle finger on bottom, and ring finger on top.

3. Slowly slide your fingers down the hair and cut the split ends that pop out.

4. When you get to the bottom, point cut the ends of your hair by cutting with just the tips of your scissors.

5. Ta-Da! No more split ends for you!

Let me know how it works for you! This is a huge lifesaver for me.

Makes sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and if you want another great hair cutting tutorial, check out my post on how to cut your own side swoop bangs HERE!

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