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Workout Music Playlist: Exercise Songs You Will Actually Enjoy

Workout Music Playlist: Exercise Songs You Will Actually Enjoy

By now, you know that I am a music junkie. Music inspires just about everything that I do. This is especially the case when it comes to working out.

When I try to exercise without music, it is really hard to get out of my head. When I am listening to music, I am able to shut off the feelings of doubt or the thoughts of everything else I need to be doing on my list. But here is where I have an issue with workout music. A lot of workout playlists out there totally suck! I don’t know about you but I don’t want to workout to some weird remixed version of a song or random techno music that I wouldn’t choose to listen to on any other occasion. That’s when I started creating my own workout playlists.

Workout Playlist that Doesn't Suck

After so many of you loved my summer playlist, I started having people ask about music that I listened to while exercising. I knew I needed to make a workout playlist just for you guys!

Exercise Music Playlist

This exercise playlist is something that I put together, thinking of music that just about everyone would enjoy. It is a good mixture of pop, alternative, and hip hop. There is a good variety of tempos that can help you get your heart rate up and to bring it down when it needs to come back down. 

The playlist itself isn’t in any particular order, so listen to it on shuffle to give yourself a different experience each time you workout! I chose songs that have literally helped me push forward during a hard run, a tough weight lifting session, or an intense cardio workout. 

Exercise Songs Playlist

To listen to this playlist, you will need to listen on Spotify. You don’t need to pay for Spotify to listen to it on shuffle, so that is great! Just sign up for a free account on Spotify, click on this link to take you to Girl Loves Glam Workout Jams, and click Follow Playlist. You will have access to this playlist on your account.

Workout Music

As I find more songs that I love working out to, I will add them to the playlist. As always, I don’t include explicit music in my playlists. The only difference with this workout playlist and the summer one is that the workout playlist does have a few songs that have been edited. So it might not be one you necessarily want to listen to with your kiddos, unless you don’t mind having edited music that once had explicit lyrics with them. I just want to give you fair warning!

Girl Loves Glam Workout Jams on Spotify

Exercise music you will love

I would love to hear what your favorite songs to workout to are! I am always looking for more to add to this playlist! Also, what other types of playlists are you looking for?