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Beddy’s Zipper Toddler Bedding

Beddy’s Zipper Toddler Bedding

Have you heard of Beddy’s zipper bedding? We have had their bedding for years! When we first got it, my oldest was still in a toddler bed. I learned how to adjust it a little so that she would be able to use it and be able to continue to use it when she graduated to a twin sized bed. Now my youngest is in a toddler bed, so we decided to do the same thing for her!

Beddy's Toddler Bedding

Beddy’s zipper bedding doesn’t actually come in toddler size, but it is really easy to adjust so that it can be used on both a toddler and twin size!

Beddy’s Zipper Bedding Toddler Bed

Beddy's zipper bedding toddler size

The amazing thing about Beddy’s zipper bedding is that the bed can be made so easily! You literally pull the zipper up and your bed is made! I love to get them for my girls while they are young so that they learn the habit of making their bed early on.

Beddy's toddler bedding

Beddy’s can come either with cotton lining or minky lining. My girls both have the minky lining and they are obsessed with how soft their beds are. I love that it minimizes the amount of bulky blankets on their bed. They do really well with their Beddy’s in every season as well.

Beddy’s Toddler Bed Zipper Bedding

Beddy's pink plaid beddingTo adjust the bedding for a toddler bed, I put the bedding over the mattress and pull it tight along the top of the mattress. Then I pull the bottom part under the mattress and tuck it under. Then I do the same thing for the back side of the bed. There are zippers on both sides of the bedding, but with most toddler beds, only one side shows so this totally works.

Dock a Tot for toddlersOne thing that I didn’t realize I would love so much too is that because it has a looser fit, we are able to make the bed and keep our beloved Dock A Tot in it! It fits over it like a charm and it looks great!

Beddy's zipper bedding toddler bedIf you have considered getting Beddy’s bedding for your kids but you worry about them being too young, DON’T WAIT! I have loved being able to teach both of my girls to make their beds while they are toddlers. I have been able to let their bedding grow with them too, instead of having to purchase new bedding as they grow into bigger beds. It is an awesome investment!