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What WE Wore Wednesday: The Story of the Shoes

What We Wore 1
Me- Top: Forever 21 Vest: Maurices Jeans: DownEast Shoes: Gift Necklace: Some Boutique in Texas Ring: Charming Charlie
Harper- Top: Onesie with a little DIY makeover Jeggings: Children’s Place Headband: Gift Shoes: Gift
We have officially joined the “Matching Mom and Daughter” club. I think we can get away with having matching pants and shoes without looking overly planned.
What We Wore 2
I was so excited to see that Harper’s Nike Dunks would fit her. The length fits well, her feet are just a little on the chubby side, therefore she looks too cool for school and wears them undone. What this little girl doesn’t know, is that these shoes have a lot of meaning behind them. What We Wore 3
Long ago, when I was in beauty school, I saw a girl with some black and white Nike Dunks. I fell in love with them. The next week, my mom was in Washington DC and saw a pair just like the ones I had described. She got them for me. Flash forward to a few weeks later… I met a boy. We hung out the first night and he looked at me and said “Are those Nike Dunks?” I looked at his feet. He was wearing Nike Dunks too so I wasn’t sure why he was asking me if I was wearing them. Obviously I was. I replied, “Yeah” with a little attitude. He immediately thought I was a brat, but remembered that I must be freaking awesome if I was wearing those shoes. We always joked about how those shoes almost made it so we didn’t have a second date. We had the groomsmen wear Nike dunks at our wedding. We always say that my Nike Dunks need to be gold plated because of how much has happened in my life while I was wearing them. That is why it was appropriate when I got a phone call from my mom when she was on another vacation. We had just found out we were pregnant. We didn’t know what the gender was yet. My mom had found some black and white Nike Dunks for a baby. We had to have them.
What We Wore 4

Like momma, like baby.
A few things to mention that are a little off topic… 
What We Wore 5
I hit my lowest weight since having Harper! Woohoo! Only 3 more pounds before I am back to pre pregnancy weight. Celebration happening over here!
What We Wore 6
Secondly, can we all just take a moment and appreciate this little chunk in all of her squishy glory? The kissable cheeks and those super soft arms. Love them.
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alicia king

Tuesday 4th of September 2012

what a cute story! and i love your pictures with you and your daughter...she is a doll!

M. Jorgensen

Wednesday 29th of August 2012

Congregations on the weight! That's soooo awesome! I'm jealous!


Wednesday 29th of August 2012 She is so cute! & Those are the best shoes ever. You look awesome!


Wednesday 29th of August 2012

Cute background story about the shoes! And Harper is super squishy cute.

Ben and Becky

Wednesday 29th of August 2012

that is one seriously cute picture!