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Bright Pattern Gallery Wall Made of Scrap Wood

Woohoo! Can you even believe it? It is an update of the…
Covered Patio Makeover copy
Can I get a hallelujah? I can’t even wait to show you the beauty that is my enclosed porch, BUT you will have to wait for the big, bad, reveal next week! Until then, here is my new gallery wall. Yep. I’m obsessed.
Pattern Wall Gallery

Want to know the best part? I didn’t spend much money on this at all. The wood was ALL scrap wood in my garage, and I used cheapo paint. Don’t judge, just embrace. If you want to make a gallery wall like this, all you need is some scrap wood, metal picture hangers, paint, and lots of tape! First thing is first. Paint all of your wood pieces a solid color. I did mine in several different colors.

 Pattern Wall Gallery 1
Stripes, Sunburst, Lattice, and Geometric Prints
All four of these designs are created basically the same way. Think of the design you want to create. Make little pencil marks where you want the tape to go, and tape away! Paint in between the lines.
Pattern Wall Gallery 2
Chevron Stripes and Polka Dots
I used vinyl to achieve both of these looks. For the chevron, I cut out some zigzag strips and placed them on the board, equally apart. Then I painted in the free space. I will tell you this. When using vinyl as a stencil, it may be easier to use outdoor vinyl. The indoor vinyl doesn’t stick as well and the paint can bleed a little. For the polka dots, I cut out a polka dot pattern onto the vinyl. Instead of peeling off each individual dot, I peeled off the sheet with the missing dots. I didn’t have the same dimensions on my board as I did vinyl, so I cut up the vinyl and placed it where it needed to be on my board. I painted in the dots and peeled off the vinyl.
Pattern Wall Gallery 3
Ombre Chevron Print
This one is a bit trickier than the rest, but let’s face it. It rocks. After you paint your entire board the color you want to base your ombre look on, measure out how wide your board is. Make a little mark in the center so you know where the center of the board is. Now measure out how long your board is and divide it by how many sections you want to have. Go along the edges and mark where you want your stripes to be and in the center, make equally spaced marks at an angle for the center of the chevron. Go with a ruler and trace all of your lines. Put tape on your top line and paint it white. If you have a little of the original color showing through, that is ok because it will all flow anyway.
Pattern Wall Gallery 4
Now skip every other chevron stripe and tape the lines around them. Make a mental note of how dark you want each of your sections to be. For my ombre, I knew I wanted the look, but I wanted to use different tones too, so I had different containers of paint for my different shades. I only actually mixed color for one of the stripes. It gives it the ombre feel, without all of the mixing work. Paint the sections that you have taped off. Remember to leave a space for the original color that you painted your board.
Pattern Wall Gallery 5
Once your paint as dried, peel off the tape and tape your remaining sections. Paint those sections the appropriate colors. If you need to, mix two of the colors on either side of a section to create the perfect color for the stripe in between.
Pattern Wall Gallery 6
Let the paint dry, then peel off the tape. Isn’t it beautiful?!
Pattern Wall Gallery 7
I am so happy with how they all turned out. They each have an individual, unique look. I am also SO glad that I added the green to the mix. It needed another color in there to break things up. Green was just the color for that job. What one is your favorite?
The Chevron, The Ombre, The Geometric?
Pattern Wall Gallery 8
Or how about The Lattice or The Stripes?
pattern Wall Gallery 10
The Polka Dots or the Sunburst?
Pattern Wall Gallery 9
What one do you love MOST?
Pattern Wall Gallery

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